WOW: One Year Later.

For liberty and justice for all.

For liberty and justice for all.

Who would have thought that today our political arena would be in such a state of shock. Do you believe it?  Did you ever imagine such an outcome?  I am not politically motivated. I usually let everyone else make the decisions. But, this time around I stepped into the arena as well and voted.  And my candidate won.

I am just as surprised as the rest of the world.  I didn’t think either candidate was a good choice so I picked the lesser of two evils.  I bet that is what many voters did this time.  And I think they went out to vote to be sure that the most evil didn’t get in.  I mean how can you really pick someone who has broken the law, not once, but many times throughout her career.  And that husband.  Well that is a story unto itself.

I am hoping that Trump can and will fulfill his promises to make this country a better place.  I believe that he is going to surprise the world.  I think he is going to break with many traditions as well.  I for one think that is a good idea.

I trust that he will use his good business sense to power his decisions as he moves into being the leader of this country.  I think it is time to have someone who can surprise world leaders.  Just the fact that his background does not include kissing up to politicians makes everyone frightened about how they will sway him their way.  I don’t think there will be any swaying at all.  There will be meetings and group decisions made by a pack of brilliant people.

I am excited about what is to come.  I will be alert and read the news.  I will follow what Trump accomplishes.  And stay in the know.  I have never done that before.  I just went about living my life feeling like my say didn’t matter.

Today we see that the peoples say really did matter.  That Trump is the peoples choice. And that everyone wants things to be better, and different from what it has been in the past.

Now is the time for all of us to get together to set things right.  To pay attention to what is happening in the world.  To come together as Americans.  And to show the world that we are strong.

The take away message is that people do care about what happens here in America and they showed that by coming out to vote.  Now that it is over let’s stop slinging hash and work as one nation under God indivisible by liberty and justice for All.

take a moment to refresh

take a moment to refresh

Have a great day, oh but not yet…

I wrote this blog one year ago and am amazed at all the stuff that has been going on in Washington, and the news.  Wow is the only word to use for the chaos that is happening.  Is it a great thing?  You bet it is.  I have never watched so much news, and seen so much garbage put before the American people, supposedly on our behalf.  I always believed that the news reported came from great people, heroes for the masses.  I believed that these people were are all about truth.  That they were about telling us what was going on in the world to keep us informed.

Nope, that is not their agenda at all.  How disappointed I am over the spectacle that has been called news reporting over the last year.  But, how thrilled I am to see the slime in Washington gets it’s due.  The doors and flood gates are open, as Graham Ledger on OANN always remarks, and a lot of shit has slithered through.

Yeah for Donald Trump!  Keep up the good work.  He is shaking up the world of politics in a big way.  I think it was time.  I look forward to what happens in the future and in the real news.  Oh, and have a great day.  And watch the real news on ” One American News Network” at

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