Women in the News.

Snake in the grass.

There have been so many topics flashed across the screen on my television that I had a hard time deciding which ones to rant about, but this is the one that set me off.

” Woman in the News” Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are the faces we see the most in regard to this HUGE college bribery scandal.  I mean over and over again their picture is flashed across the internet.  It’s like they are some big mafia boss or something.

Yes what they did was wrong, what all of ” them”  the takers and the bribers did was wrong, so they should ALL be held accountable, and all of their faces should be splashed across the big news screen.  The one burning question for me is why is it their faces we see the most.  Why are we not constantly seeing the big name schools whose staff and leaders took these bribes plastered all over the airways?  Why aren’t we seeing all the faces of the hundreds of other people who paid thousands, even millions of dollars to get their kids in the big name schools all over the news?  Why is it these lowly actresses?

According to Fox news ”  Eight universities ensnared in the nationwide college admissions scheme in which 50 people were criminally charged are now being investigated by the U.S Education Department, according to an official with knowledge of the investigation.” 

Who are the other people involved?  I want to see the full list, if they even have access to it, not just Lori and Felicity’s faces.

How about the person who paid 6.5 millions dollars to get their kid into school.  They say it is a mystery who this person is, yet they know that this mystery person paid 6.5 million dollars. So, you mean to say they have no paperwork somewhere listing said mystery person.  That person has probably paid more than 6.5 million dollars to keep their name out of the news.  After all money can do anything, right!

Eight big colleges, eight that we know for sure have taken bribes of huge amounts yet all we see is Lori and Felicity with some man standing behind them, ( not sure if that is their lawyer or their spouses) letting them take the heat for this whole scandal.  How ridiculous!

No hiding the truth.

Ask yourself why the networks are not ranting about these schools and their illegal behaviors.  Why are they not talking up these leaders of education who are hidden from the public’s eye?  Once I saw it written that some big wig said they were UNAWARE of what was going on.  Really?  They didn’t know that the coaches were lining their pockets.  That the admission offices were letting strangers take test for their new students.  Again I say really?

Are these people saying they did not get a cut of the millions of dollars taken in?  Are they saying they didn’t know what was going on in their own school?  I say they should be relieved of duty right now.  How can they be in charge when they don’t even know what crimes are being committed in their own “house.”

Once again I want to thank our president for making the American people aware of the fake news, and cover up methods, used on a daily basis by these so called news vendors.  They give us their part, the part their paying people want released to the public, the part they want to highlight, so that the real news is kept a secret.  I applaud the president for his stand on fake news, and I now look differently at what is laid before me.

Another question I have is what has actually occurred over the last seven years while  ” The Key” was in business?  In one news article it said that William Rick Singer was in operation from 2011 to 2018.  Let’s see the whole list of his transactions for this time period.  I am sure there are many other names and faces that can be plastered all over the web, and on the news besides these two women.

And what about their spouses?  Why are we not hearing that they may go to jail as well?  Why aren’t their faces plastered across the big wide web and media stations.  Why do we not see them walking the gauntlet by their spouses side in support of this mess, and not hiding in the back somewhere so no one can see them.  Oh, by the way Lori Loughlin is married to Mossimo Giannulli, and Felicity Huffman is married to William H Lacy, a big star of HBO’s Shameless series.

You can not tell me that someone’s wife could take hundreds of thousands dollars out of their bank account and their husbands did not know what they were doing or what was going on. Bull—t!

I believe what all of those involved in this scandal did was wrong.  In every sense of the word they committed a crime by faking records, and outright lying,  but to focus on only two of the hundreds involved is just wrong.

I have to ask myself is it because they are women that the media has focused on these two females?  Is it because they are rich, successful women?  Is it because they can’t be bullied into taking the rap so that the news can stop reporting on this very important news story?  Is it because the news stations don’t want to piss off any rich men?  I’m just asking?

And one last rant on my part in regard to the daughters of Lori who were eased into a big name school through their mommies money, and have now turned tail and run.  The one that has distanced herself from her mother because she did something awful on her behalf.  As if she doesn’t remember faking her rowing experience with the coach to get into school.  The coach who may now be facing 20 years in jail thanks to the Loughlins.  I say bad girls, bad…

They’d chop off his head that’s what.

How about dear old dad?  Have they given him the boot as well?   They must know he was involved.  My only thought is that they don’t want to totally cut the money cord, kill the cash cow, do they?  After all who would support them?  From what the news tells us they are still partying and spending someone’s money.

I can understand as a parent wanting to help your child.  I can understand wanting to give them everything you never had.  To be willing to go to the ends of the earth to make their life good.  But in giving them our all we are crippling them as well.  We are keeping them from relying on their own worth and skills to get what they want.  We are enabling them to rely on us.  Not teaching them to rely on themselves.

From the few glances at social media I’ve looked at I must say I am saddened to see that the girls are partying away as if nothing has happened while their parents may go to jail on their behalf.  Who is footing the bill for that?

Do you see how all their money has not helped these girls to be good loving daughters?  Their parent’s money has taught them to be spoiled, entitled children. We do not help our children when we don’t hold them accountable.  We don’t help then when we don’t let them be responsible for who or what they may become.  By putting them first we are teaching them to be selfish and narcissistic.  Not good qualities to have as an adult.

The one thing we must give our children is love, not unlimited bank accounts.  We must teach them to respect others, not take advantage of those less fortunate.  We must let them struggle, for how else will they learn to appreciate the life that “they” have created, not the life someone bought for them.

As parents we must try everyday to be the kind of person that our children can be proud of, that we can be proud of.  And our children must work at being good human beings as well.  Don’t give them too much!  Let them experience a little hardship or how else will they appreciate what is before them.

And for today know that if you can say you did the best you could, then be proud of that, we all make mistakes.  And for today, have a great day. You and I deserve it.

I would do anything for her.,



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