Who To Blame For The Murder and Mayhem?

You are not alone.

The scenes are horrific!  The terror and fear can be felt through the screen of the television as the videos are flashed before our eyes over and over again.  I watch so that I can bear witness to the horror these victims had to endure, but it has been awful   The sadness that pours from my heart for the all the victims who were forced to endure such violence, such madness, goes without question!

Who can we blame for all of this?  How do we come away feeling safe?  How can we stop the hatred that this, and all senseless violence, sets free within someone?

We could blame the family and friends of these crazed individuals who somehow missed the madness in the eyes of the family member or friend.  We can blame the family and friends who were witness to some of the distorted, hateful thinking that grew in the minds of these maniacs and didn’t tell anyone.  We can blame the family and friends of these monsters who didn’t see or want to challenge the sickness that was perhaps evident in these ill individuals as they progressed down that dark path.

Or, we could blame the media for all the crap they put out there everyday  about the hatred that is running rampant in this country.  At least by what they show daily. We could blame the networks for all the television shows that reflect people degrading and abusing another human being.  We could blame the television producers for assembling and producing all the sick, disgusting shows about rape, murder, and abuse. We could blame the news networks for only focusing on the bad that is happening in our world and leaving out all the good things that are being done every single day, so that a sick person comes to believe there is only evil out there in the world.

Let’s not forget the creators of all the sick, murdering, maiming games that are out there for our kids to play.  Let’s blame the game industry for creating games that show the victims being stabbed, run over, beaten up, shot or chopped up that are selling like hotcakes for the world of gamers.  I am appalled when I see someone playing a game and suddenly the screen is covered in make believe blood to the point that our children are desensitized to the cruelly that is right there on the screen.  I definitely want to blame them.

We could also blame the insurance companies that provide minimal mental health coverage. Most policies lump together drugs, alcohol and mental health  all under the same umbrella. Take a look at your policy, there is a lifetime limit for mental health coverage, and it would not see a person through a life of mental health care.  Hell the medications cost a fortune, and often it takes several to do the job, if at all. And you can forget one on one therapy.  It is almost non existent.  They would rather pay $500 for a prescription then see that patients are actually seen and talked too.  Often when a person is suffering from a mental health disorder those closest don’t know how to help.  They feel lost and afraid, so they do nothing.

We could blame all the gun manufactures for making weapons of mass destruction.  I mean who needs a weapon that shoots fifty shots a minute or some such silly thing like that.  We can blame the gun distributors for selling guns to all these crazy people because you can spot the crazies in a crowd, right?  We can blame the gun dealers when an individual walks in to buy a gun and passes the security check, and then uses their weapon to harm another.  After all they should know crazy when they see it, right!

Oh, lets go ahead and blame all the politicians out there who have done nothing but foster hatred for each other and our president since he was elected.  I have not heard or seen any shows where our leaders were not bashing someone.  I blame all of them because of the distorted lies and half truths that they have spewed forth in the name of the American people.  Lies and half truths that re-enforce anger and hatred toward someone, somewhere.  Never mind doing what they promised to do when they took office, they would rather be part of the hatred club.  In their minds that is what is going to win votes.  I plead with all of you not to let that happen.

And lastly lets blame ourselves for not speaking out or taking action when we believed that an injustice was happening.  Let’s blame ourselves for not raising hell about the sick, mind numbing games out there that show murder and mayhem for our youth to play on their big screen TVs.  And let’s blame ourselves if we have let hatred and our own bigotry fuel a nation that is ripping apart at the seams.

If we do anything we must forget blaming anyone.  It is pointless afterall. What we need to do is forgive each other for our ignorance and come together to make this world a good place for all.  Each of us knows what goodness is, we know people who do wonderful things, we know people who love unconditionally, and we know what is the right thing to do in the moment.  We just have to take action.  We have to come together.  We have to forgive, and we need to clasps our hands together, holding onto each other, and promise we will do great things together.

Say a prayer today for all of those who were in harms way, may they get through their ordeal knowing that many are praying for them. All of us need to open our hearts, and our arms to those who are suffering.  May we offer them a safe haven to share their tears and heart break.  May they receive love from everyone that crosses their path.  May they find the strength to carry on.

Each day is a new opportunity to do it right.  Please, let’s start today and just do it right.  And as I always say, have a great day today, you and I deserve it.

Think before you act.






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