What to say?

For liberty and justice for all.

For liberty and justice for all.

What to say to you today?  I have no definitive theme to this blog.  I think it should be called ramblings, but, I think that title was taken. Today I am feeling kind of moody. Not sure if it is the holidays or just some of the stuff in the news.  Most times I tend not to read the news, I usually only look at Yahoo. If I want to see a video I go to msn.com.

Today though I think my mood is due to the oil stuff in North Dakota.  I am disgusted with myself that I didn’t know more until last week.  What a f–king mess up there!  Oh, I had heard a little but I didn’t pay attention.  I mean what does it have to do with me, right.  I am so sorry that I was so blind.

The sad truth is the that the stuff on Youtube and other selected sites are the only ones showing what has been really happening to our AMERICAN people. That’s right.  OUR AMERICAN people. We are all Americans and this should not be allowed to happen. Why hasn’t all the news station been blasting us with the videos of the police brutality happening to these peaceful  protesters? Why aren’t all the news stations out there with their cameras covering every inch of news about this protest. Why are they not using their OWN drones to get the latest happenings?  Have they not seen the American people being shot with rubber bullets for just standing peacefully about their land?  Have they not seen the American people being blasted with huge water hoses in freezing weather for standing their ground, which is their American right?  Did they miss the poisonous canisters being thrown into the group while they were praying?

I know why they missed it.  It is because it is so f–king hard to find the videos because none of the power stations are really covering the happenings there. They don’t seem interested that the police and national guard are harrassing and harming our American people.  What is wrong with them, these big news reporters.  Do they only care what happens in other countries, not our own.?  I mean let us hose down a terrorist and the world is shocked, yelling human rights, human rights.  WELL. WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

I’ll tell you where they are.  Counting out their money given to them by the BIG MONEY people..  How can anyone in office, any political office allow this to continue.  Why hasn’t our president gone on television and expressed his horror at their treatment.  He did it with all the riots last year. Why hasn’t he put a stop to the cruelties? Why hasn’t he gone there personally and took a stand at the inhumane treatment toward a group of  peaceful protesters. I did hear that one of the Kennedy’s went for a day.  Big f–king deal.  For crying out loud why aren’t the leading leaders in North Dakota fighting for their American people?  I’ll tell you why  again.  BIG MONEY.

I remember when the pipeline was first in the news.  It was the next greatest means for the underdog to make lots of money. Everyone was tripping over themselves to get there  first. Jobs, housing manufacturers, shops, everything a person could name grew by leaps and bounds to provide for the multitude of workers that stormed North Dakota in search of their ” gold mine.”  My son almost went, but didn’t want to leave his family behind because in the beginning there wasn’t much for housing options, and then it was outrageously priced.  I think I am glad now because I would be horrified if he was part of all that.

Shockingly I came across another booming business in the Bakken area, sex trafficking. Prostitution.  According to this web site http://www.traffickedreport.com/  ” Sex trafficking in ND is on the rise, and often victims can’t escape. Over the past six months, Forum News Service has investigated an emerging issue in the Bakken oilfield region of western North Dakota: sex trafficking, including the trafficking of children. “

I could not believe it.  It didn’t even enter my mind that along with all the other businesses this would arise as well.  HOW HORRIBLE. Trafficking children to those sick bastards. This is one area where I believe in capital punishment.  I don’t care what two consenting adults do, but to take away a child’s childhood.  Too ruin them forever.  Again ,I cry where are all the news reports, where are all the cameras, get off you asses reporters, start really reporting what is going on here in our own country. Take a stand for these women, and children.  I challenge you to go to this web site and read what has been happening in the Bakken area since the beginning of the oils fields.

We must all start talking, writing to our leaders about the horrors going on in our own country toward our AMERICAN people.  These leaders were elected by us rather we voted or not.  Taking no action is the same as acting.  It is what you have chosen to do.  Act, or, not act. North Dakota is a clear example of how big corporations can come in and take over an area for their own gain while touting that it is for the people.

As a people we must come together to not allow others to brutalize us.  I want to send this out to Donald Trump but I am not sure how.  I know he has investments, and he is involved in the pipeline, but, he needs to find another way around that water, and he needs to stand up for the AMERICAN people being brutalized.  The protesters, and the women and children being used as sex slaves thanks to this pipeline.  In his speech he said he was making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. So, how about starting in our own backyard with the stuff that is going on now. Let’s make AMERICANS great as well as AMERICA.

Let's stand together.

Let’s stand together.



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