What the Hell!

I’m going to kick your butt.

All I can say is “what the hell.”  How is it all these companies know that I am getting older?  What data base am I on that I am now receiving mail for hearing aides.  Oh and life insurance!  Now that I’m getting closer, and ” they know it.”  I keep getting all these bargain life insurance quotes. This really pisses me off!

I have been receiving shit from AARP since I was in my fifties.  Who gave them my birth date?  How do they keep getting my address even though I have moved four times since I was in my fifties.  Does this not scare you, it scares me!

We hear so much about computer hacking, but I am concerned with the selling of all our personal information without our permission.  Any company can buy our information, they don’t have to be hackers or cyber spies.  They just have to pretend to be a business and our creditors WILL give them our information for a small fee.  This must stop!!!

I don’t think that I should have to send out a million notices to all these companies to get off my back.  Leave me alone.  How do I send them notice to cease and desists?

I think we need to start a lawsuit from all of us to all of them because we did not give them permission to sell our information.  Nowhere did I sign on the dotted line that they could share, sell or give away my highly secret information. If they tricked me then they should pay for it.  I am sick to death of their junk mail.  I thought the government banned this practice.  Tell me what to do to get rid of them.

I’m going to sic my dog on you.

One site said to send back their junk mail unopened, like a “return to sender” but it just comes back to me.  The post office won’t forward it back to them. These guys have already paid for postage so the post office just sends it back to me.  It’s a win, win for the post office.

I know what to do! Lets keep sending it back to the senders until the post office gets sick of it. Keep doing it until it stops. I bet the post office would get tired of reprocessing millions of pieces of junk mail a day.  I know I am wearing out my shredder getting rid of all the shit that has my name on it thanks to these people.

I want it to go back the way it was, just use the mail system for sending in your bills, and your checking account for paying them.  I am going to do it.  I know it will be a pain, I have lots of bills, but I am really tired of all this junk in my mailbox.

The latest junk mail I received said ” Hearing Loss or Just Earwax” isn’t that disgusting. And from my local television station I received a flyer on a retirement seminar.  How does my local television station know that I am even retirement age?

Let’s just get along.

Now I know this problem is nothing like what is going on in Washington. Hacking here, there, everywhere, but I say it is our own fault. We have become addicted to the internet and all it has to offer. It is a connecting cord to the whole world.  This is a wonderful thing.  Or it was until all these crooks and spies started stealing our information, and our money.

I watched a show titled ” FBI NEW YORK”   or something to that effect.  The topic was cyber crimes.  It is horrifying to see what is going on throughout the world.  Everything is out there for everyone who has the skill or training to steal it.  I am sure there are schools teaching these gifted people how to be crooks.  No one can keep up with the technology, how scary is that? One day we are going to wake up and our life will be at a stand still.

Can you imagine going to the store and the check out person using a cash register and only taking cash or checks.  That’s how it use to be.  There were no computers for others to steal your information.  The sad part is we know it is happening but we are too addicted to stop our usage. We created this mess. We need to fix it.

For my part I am going to return all the junk mail I receive in the mail.  I am going to fill up my local mail box every time I get a piece of junk mail.  They can send it, and I can return it.  Two can play their game.

Not very motivational huh!  But really, it is time to have a little privacy don’t you think?  A little peace. I shouldn’t have to worry that there is another me out there somewhere who is not me.  They certainly better not be living better then me, I work hard for my money, the right way.

Be good.

So for those of you out there who know how to fix this problem please share the how to’s with the rest of us.  Let’s stop all this trash from filling our landfills.  Let’s have a little privacy.  If you know of someone who is hacking other’s information turn them in, you can do it anonymously, if there really is such a thing anymore. Let’s try and stop some of this crap from happening.  Oh, and now that I have you riled up try and have a nice day. There are some good things going on out there as well.

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