What on earth?

hey in there, I'm hungry

hey in there, I’m hungry

My granddaughters and I play a game whenever we see nature’s little furry creatures playing by putting words to their actions.  Sometimes we make up stories about them. Who they are, what are they doing, do they like us?   The squirrels in my backyard habitat hang around for hours entertaining us and eating up the snacks we put out.

Since the time Skylar was a little one we have watched and laughed at their antics.  I sometimes think they are laughing at us as well.  At times we can barely get the back door open quick enough to throw out the peanuts they are so brave.  I really hope they don’t ever figure out how to open the door.  After all I need my rest.

My obsession with wild life is built into my genes.  My mother use to feed the squirrels.  I can remember she had one that would come in the kitchen window and eat nuts right out of a bowl on the frig.  And then it would go right back out again.  I have a memory of me sitting out in the alley behind our house with a cardboard box in my lap. The bottom was filled with walnuts and the neighborhood squirrels would come and go in and out  of that box taking the nuts.  I felt like the squirrel whisper before there ever was such a word.

Lots of people say the squirrels destroy stuff, but they haven’t done anything to my place except dig up a plant or too.  I mean you put out a container of dirt and then expect them not to use it to hide their treasures.  I’ve decided that next year I am going to just put out the plastic flowers.  It will keep the yard looking lovely, and save on the water bill.

what you looking at?

what you looking at?

So much entertainment, so many good memories, and so many happy moments.  I challenge you to create some of the same for yourself.  Stop hurrying around and take a moment to create a happy memory.  Share your time and laughter with someone you love. It is healing to the body and soul. Put a story to my picture of the ” mommy” squirrel. We did she was in a hurry to eat so she could get back to her babies.!

Have a great day.

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I am amazed by life, mostly the world of animals, nature, and things around us. People not so much. Oh, they amaze me. And, I see them. But it is the other things I reach for in a time of stress. And if I am lucky I have my camera handy..
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