What Do The Stars Stand For? That is the question!


Is Jennifer here? Oh I love her.

Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite entertainers of all times.  I love her acting, singing, and her heart of gold.  Sadly what I don’t like is all these pictures and articles about her body, and how she looks.  Time and again when I look at yahoo I see something else about how great she looks in her half naked pictures at the ripe ole age of 50.  Toned muscles and slinky dresses seem to represent who she is.  Is that really what her legacy will read?  She looked great at fifty.  She did a great pole dance at the super bowl?

Jane Fonda just admitted ( at 82) that she was done with plastic surgery.  Done with it!  I say she should have been done with it years ago.  Everyone tells us we need to love and accept ourselves but yet the very people that we idolize can’t stand to look at the own reflection in the mirror.

Elizabeth Hurley got in the act showing off her bikini clad body.  I suppose to thumb her nose at all of us fatties. I mean she hasn’t been in a picture in some time, she has to get attention some how. And even Brooke Shields who I thought represented wholesomeness got in the act to show off her bikini lines at the beach.  Again taunting us with how good she looks for her age.

Really!  Is this what we want our young girls to strive towards, a six pack and nothing else.  What about their brains?  What about encouraging them to look to the future?  What about showing them the importance of science, math, genetics, medicine, and just being a great person.

” lets take care of each other.”

I know these great stars have causes that they give too, charities that list them as contributors, but how about them personally doing something toward helping the young of this great country who are not as fortunate.  How about teaching our young men how to respect everyone through hands on skills training. Not by them watching movies where in the first five minutes we see a naked or near naked woman murdered.

The other day my eight year old grand daughter was doing a butt jiggle, you know where the women turn their asses to the audience and vibrate them to the masses. It’s almost an invitation to something.  I was shocked and appalled.  I told her that a butt jiggle was an obscene jester that was an invitation to someone somewhere, and not something any girl or women should replicate.

While the ” Me too” movement is going on we are also showing for someone’s viewing pleasure some of the most obscene music videos any adult can view, not to mention children, of women under dressed, vibrating their butts all over the place and grabbing their crotches.  Is that what you want your daughters to strive for.  Is that the look you want your son’s to crave.

At a time when people are saying enough already about the sexual abuse going on all over the world we talk out of our other cheek by presenting pictures and videos that encourage those kinds of desires and behaviors. Do we want to be respected or do we want to be someone’s pin up in the bathroom where they do their own jiggle.

nuts or seeds? pick what you want. I’ll share.

We can’t have it both ways.  Never could.  We are either what we say we are or we are not  Watching and looking at revealing half naked pictures of the people we thought we respected is not it.

My grand daughter’s statement to me when I said that the butt jiggle was obscene was ” oh grammy everyone”s doing it.”  All I can say is I certainly hope not.

Come on Jennifer, and all you other people who have the news media at your beck and call.  Teach young girls and boys how to strive to be great through their accomplishments, not through the shape of the body.  Share your knowledge, and yes your money to help these young folks see that there is so much more to the world then just jiggling something somewhere.

My suggestion would be to start a charity that would send these kids all over the world for fellowships to work in the field of science and health.  Give them hands on experience of caring for  wildlife, the oceans, the sick and the elderly.  Teach them love for others, not love for their own reflection. It will come back to honor all of us.

lets stick together.

When we say we want the world to be a better place, we must show that we mean it through our deeds. If I had the money that Jennifer has I would start a foundation to give the children in my community hands on experience with all the great things this life has to offer.  Each community has life experiences just waiting to be shared.  Turn away from the television. Turn toward each other.  Turn toward this round ball of dirt we call our home, and turn toward the stars.. There is much there to see and experience, and it doesn’t have a six pack.

So for today look what the media is putting out there for us to view.  Let them know when it is not acceptable, and remember there is an off button somewhere.  Have a great day today. And a special shout out to Jennifer, I still love you.



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