What a Hunk!

Whose Hugh?

Hey let’s talk about something different for a change.  How about Hugh Jackman!  I love that guy.  I am probably one of several million and that’s okay. I have not seen a more talented star in years.  This guy can play ANY part wonderfully.  He dances, sings, fights, loves, produces movies, and has the greatest smile. Why has he not won an Oscar?   He has won lots of awards, but not the big one.

My first exposure to him was in the film ” Someone Like You.”  His character was so funny.  His co-star was Ashley Judd, another great.  The movie itself was okay, it had a cute premise, but Hugh had such a fun character to play. It was love at first site for me.  I never saw a better nor more real smile on anyone before.  He lights up the room.

If you have not seen ” Someone Like You” then look it up.  It’s worth a night of popcorn and laughs.  And if you want to be impressed  just google his movie list.  It is incredible.  He has played every kind of character in every kind of setting.  How does one guy pack so much talent into that lovely six foot three inch frame?

Did I mention that he is happily married?  Well he is, and that is another wonderful trait this guy has, he loves his wife, and lets the world know it.

I don’t think there is another star with such a long list of accomplishments so I am very disappointment that the one place that should bow down to him has yet to give him his just rewards.  Shame on them.  I for one LOVED the movie ” The Greatest Showman”  it was a marvelous movie with lots of beautiful music.   I can’t wait to see what comes next from this man of many talents.


She said I’m a dear, but I’m a deer too.

So,  my question to you is why do we fall in love with these stars of the film and stage?  What is lacking in our own personal lives that makes these mere mortals so appealing?  Is it our distorted idea of who they are, I mean they come across as the “beautiful people” but are they?  I mean they do all the things like we do, eat, sleep, fart, and get grouchy.  Why do we gaze at them with such yearning?

I can only speak for myself but it is the fact that he seems like someone I would love to have in my life.  A hard working, gorgeous man who adores his wife and children.  Isn’t that what we all want.  But wait a minute!  Why am I being so shallow?  What about the not so gorgeous men out there.  How can I ignore them?  They might just be the frosting on the cake too.

I think we crave that which we SEE as examples of beauty. The things that  show business, and the advertising industry displays as the perfect person.  But are they really so perfect?  Probably not. If you have read stories of their lives many  have had crisis in their lives, just like us.  They have self doubts and fears, just like us, and they have addiction and abuse issues, just like so many.

Sometimes we miss the really good things in life that are right in front of us because we look to what we think is the best because of what others say. We yearn for what is not real.  Really good people come in many packages.  They come in many shapes and sizes.  And  the important factor is they are REAL.

This is what many Hollywood stars look like, plastic dolls in the store.

Oh I love Hugh, but it is the person I see from the media side.  Not the real side of life.  Not the get your butt out of bed and close the toothpaste side.  Not the why am I always picking up your clothes, and chasing the women off our doorstep kind.

I bet just like any husband Hugh has his faults too.  Things that he and his wife have had to work on.  After all none of us is really perfect, even in Hollywood.

I will admit that a moment of fantasies is good for the soul as long as we come back to the here and now, and appreciate those we have in our life who love us.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty.  Remember though it shines through many kaleidoscopes.   Comes in many shapes and sizes, and it may not have anything to do with how a person looks.

Just because someone looks beautiful from the outside does not mean that they are beautiful on the inside.  Which would you prefer?  A pretty package on the outside or a pretty package inside?

Don’t get me wrong I sure would take Hugh home anytime, but would I want to return him after I got to know him.  That is the important question.

What did you say?

I’ve had many good people in my life.  Some I foolishly let go.  I will admit that knowing them helped me get a better perspective on what is important in life.  Remember the saying ” be careful of what you wish for”  There are pretty creatures in life who are deadly.

So for today let yourself get caught up in a lovely fantasy.  It is your moment. I wouldn’t turn down a chance to meet Hugh, but we all must remember to come back to the here and now.  Look at the good qualities in the people around you.  Look to those who care and love you.  Never mind how they look.  Are they beautiful on the inside?  If so embrace them for who they are and appreciate having them in your life.  And as I always say, have a great day today, you deserve it!

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