Well They Did It Again!

I love my pets.

Yep they did it again!  There I was out for a lovely stroll with my wonder dog Tessie, myself looking pretty good for a sixty nine year old, and people walking past looked right through me, and greeted my sweet Tessie.

This happens time and again.  There I am at the end of the leash and it is like I am the invisible woman.  People smile at my dog, say ” Hello sweety”  ” oh what a good boy”  “aren’t you a good dog”  and never look up to my smiling face as they march past.  Or if they do it is with a look of surprise that someone is actually attached to this lovely leash.

Now, I am no J Lo, not even close, I’m an apple not a pear, but come on, you folks can greet me if you are going to greet my dog!

Speaking of J Lo, she was again on yahoo in her bikini taking a selfie to show us her ridiculously sculpted abs, reminding folks about her challenge, and it pissed me off.  Get real people.  If we had someone to pay our bills, clean our homes, care for our children, cook only the best foods, and design a workout routine for us, and work out with us, we might have a six pack of eggplants, or egg cartons, or egg shells, but would we really look as good as her?  Hell no!!!! Camera lighting is all I’m saying.

Do we really want to look like this?

And that singer who is posing naked except for a pair of fish net tights.  That is something I don’t want to see, it is bad enough I can imagine it.  Not a pretty thing.  But to point out the obvious, is that what we need to be thinking about right now.  All these idiots flashing their bodies around for our viewing pleasure.  Or displeasure as the case may be.

It seems that those in the entertainment industry only care about how they LOOK.  They are craving our attention so bad that they are posing stark naked or almost to get the world to look at them. If I have to look at another fifty real old in a bikini I am going to throw up.  Who gives a dam?

I don’t remember Jennifer being so public in her nakedness in the past. Is she reaching a midlife crisis right now trying to ascertain to us she is a beautiful person?   I always thought she was a beautiful person before she started all this.  Now I am not so sure.  Her message to me is all about her body and how she looks.

I also just heard that Ellen Degeneres  was so bored at home during this time of isolation that she was calling all the stars in her boredom.  I ask what the hell is wrong with talking to all of her many fans.  There are millions of people who have followed and supported her through the years.  Wouldn’t a live talk feed talking to those wonderful people who care be something to ease everyone’s stress.  What is wrong with talking to your fans Hollywood?

Look at what the sports players are doing right now.  Many of them are donating thousands, even millions of dollars to help those struggling through this awful time to make sure that people can eat.  And they are doing it fully clothed which makes them the most beautiful people of all.

What dears.

Many of the more fortunate are giving to organizations to help people, encouraging folks to take care of each other, and paying it forward.  I say how about that Jennifer!.  How about that to the guy in the tights.!  I know there are those out there who just want to ” look” as well as those who want to show it, but think of the “message.”  And think of the insecurities that you all are sharing with us by displaying your nethers for all to see during a time of crisis.

This is a time of crisis.  This is history in the making.  I have never seen anything like it in my sixty nine years, and hopefully never will again.  But right now it is a time to pull together to see that everyone gets their basic needs met like food and shelter.  I am so disgusted at all those hogs out their stuffing their carts like there is no tomorrow keeping others from getting what they need too.  What ass wipes!  Wait a minute, those are gone too!

And those brothers who stuffed their garage with all that hand sanitizer hoping to make a mint.  I hope they don’t get so sick they need something that may soon be no longer available, like walk in medical care.

I know, I know, they finally donated all of it, but not before they were shamed.  Yes I am all for free enterprise but not at a time like this.  To take advantage of people when they are so fearful and vulnerable.  Again I say ass wipes.

How can I help?

There are many good things that can come out of this crisis.  We are seeing evidence of it now with all the help that is being offered by so many.  Volunteer workers working in clinics to help the poor, people giving of their time and money.  I say put away your cameras and self absorption and see how you can help as well.

In my town all the schools are closed, many peoples jobs are on hold due to closings, and people are bunched together home alone struggling to get along.  Take this time to get to know your family.  Finds ways to enjoy each other.  You can still get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Walk your pets, paint, draw, tell stories, read books aloud, learn new songs, and love each other.  These are just a few of the things you can do right now.

Add to my list and see what you can come up with to fill the empty void.  If you are a chef or a good cook share your recipes to help stretch the food budget.  We need to be thinking about extending what we have in our cupboards. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.  And remember this will pass.  When it is over we can be happy that we were one of the givers, not the hoarders.

Have a heart.

And as I always say have a good day today, you and I deserve it.

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I am amazed by life, mostly the world of animals, nature, and things around us. People not so much. Oh, they amaze me. And, I see them. But it is the other things I reach for in a time of stress. And if I am lucky I have my camera handy..
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