We are all together in this! Even Ellen!

I’m tired of it already.

Wow, what can one say at a time like this!  It is unbelievable what is happening in the world right now.  To imagine that the WHOLE world is infected at the same time is frightening.  Probably not the whole world, I am sure there is some island somewhere that is free from this nightmare, and I envy them.

I want to motivate people to be strong but I know it is hard.  We are all afraid of this contagion that has planted itself in our hometowns.  We have to take care of ourselves.  We need to remember the basic things we were taught like washing our hands, covering our mouths and noses when we cough or sneeze.  Taking our shoes off before going in the house.  Eat well, rest, and stay close to home.

I have started taking a multivitamin, actually I started this before all the fear came alive.  I also take extra vitamin C, the fizzy one, and I take an extra vitamin E because I read that these will boost my immune system.

I believe a little help can’t hurt.  I mean I do not eat a perfect diet, I miss out on a lot so it can’t hurt to help my body a little bit.  I don’t recommend anyone going overboard as that can only cause you problems but, a little help is good.

While I was walking with my lovely Tess a thought entered my head, that happens sometimes, I think it is the fresh air, anyway the thought was BE IN THE MOMENT.  What a great thought!  Be in the moment.  Don’t miss this moment. Don’t put this moment on hold.  Relish it, embrace it, and enjoy it.

I’m just hanging around.

How many of us have been so focused on running around like a lunatic trying to get and do everything and missed the moment we were in?  How many times have you gone somewhere and missed the journey?

If nothing else this horrible virus has made us all slow down and notice the moments.  It is our choice to enjoy them.  While we are stuck at home look around at all the blessings we already have.  We with homes and families are very lucky as there are many who don’t have either.  We that still have jobs are so blessed compared to those struggling to collect their unemployment, with no idea of when they will be able to return to their jobs. And for those of us who still have our HEALTH say a PRAYER for those who may be suffering at this terrible time in our history.

Ellen DeGeneres has been attacked for her comments about being in prison, wearing the same thing for ten days, and other inappropriate remarks.  I too am pissed at her.  I mean she lives in a huge mansion, probably with a chef, a lawn guy, housekeepers, and every other manner of persons who care for her, and she has the nerve to say such stupid things.  I’d bet her closets are probably the size of a Target so there is no reason she would need to wear her clothes for ten days unless that is what she chooses. I’d guess she could wear one outfit a day for years and never wear the same thing unless she wanted too.

But I get where she was coming from.  She was trying to belong.  She was trying to be funny.  She was trying to be one of those who are struggling right now.  So she was thoughtless in her comments.

What I say to Ellen and so many like her that are trying to be funny right now is forget it.  Instead of filling in your empty emotional holes how about filling someone else”s.  One very poignant question a dying person asked her caregivers was ” WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS?”

I’m ready to listen.

Many are afraid of how they will pay their bills.  How they will be able to feed their families?  How they will be able to afford to pay their medical bills as they sky rocket.  And this is where I say those who have so much could give to those who have so little.

I am sure there is some way that these bored entertainers could send out food and clothing to help those in their own community manage this pandemic.  Now that all the schools are closed many families need help with getting their children access to school lessons.  Paying internet bills, buying computers, sending out educational games, or contacting your local schools to see how exactly you might be able to help would be a great idea.

I forgive Ellen as I am sure she is as scared as the rest of us.  We don’t know if we or our loved ones will be taken from us by this dam virus.  But if I had the money that so many entertainers have I would find a way to help out those who need help. Pay it forward, you know.

As to the rest of us look around you and count your blessings as well.  There are blessings to behold. Take time to appreciate the family that may surround you at this terrible time.  Instead of being annoyed, find ways to get to know each other and play together. We all need our own space, quiet time, but we need to feel connected as well.  Connect with each other.

When I was young we were pretty poor so we didn’t get to go out, we didn’t have computers or cells phones.  We were stuck at home but we played a lot of board games, and card games.  We laughed.  We had fun.  In every child’s life there are good memories and bad memories.  Try to make some good ones now. And as I always say have a great day today, you and I deserve it.  Oh, and bye the way a special love you to my dear friend John who was there for some of the best memories, have a great day.

Have a heart.

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