miles of road ahead, ugh!

Well I made it back all in one piece.  I hope you never have to make such a trip any time soon.  It was hellish.  I will admit that I have great admiration for the on road truckers.  How do you do it? Driving across the country everyday, hour after hour.  I can see how road rage can become an issue for some of the nation’s travelers. There are some pretty crazy drivers out there.  There was a time or two when I wanted to hurl my car into another but, thankfully I controlled my urges.

I was amazed at the number of travelers, and it isn’t even vacation time yet.  I just wanted to yell ” get the hell out of my way I’m in a hurry.”  I can’t wait for someone to create teleportation like on Star Trek.  It would save all of us such a headache.  I think there should be highways just for truckers.  They bring so much to us from all over the country. There is a great statistics sheet on the web listed here  that states

“More than 80 percent of U.S. communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities”  take a look at their sheet. They also pay a lot of tax dollars to the states.

But, and of course there is always a ” but ” they are hell on wheels in the rain. I drove back through a white sheet of rain for 800 miles.  I swear, and each time I passed a truck I could barely see in front of me because they tossed so much rain up into my line of sight.  Some smart person out there needs to invent a mud flap that pushes the rain down and away from traffic.  I can’t believe there are not more deaths due to accidents between cars and truckers.  I do thank all of them though for the goods they bring.  And, on my return trip I got to sleep over for a bit at “Iowa’s largest truck stop .”  It was fabulous.   If you get a chance go there.  Lots to see. Great spot to shop and stretch your legs.

Now back to my sister.  She is doing amazingly well.  She may even go home this week. From death bed to pussy cats.  She is so happy.  Did I mention she is a cat lady. At one time she had up to six.  You needed a mask to visit because the cat hair was so thick.  I love cats too but not to that extend.  Right now she is down to two and they loved having a house guest.  I am sure they miss her.

isn’t that a smile?

Or should I ask do our pets miss us when we are gone? Do they really give a hoot? Of course they do!  Tessie, my lovely dog just about broke her jaw she was smiling so hard when I came home.  She has a great smile.  It looks a little dorky but is cute at the same time.  I am sure we had the same grin on our faces.

It’s the little things that can make us feel good about life.  The big things too like my sister not dying.  She is one lucky lady which she heard a million times. I am sure she will be glad to get her voice back so she can cuss us out for telling her that so many times. But, it truly is amazing,  and we are still in the surprised state.  And the grateful state.  Our grandmother lived to be in her eighties so we expect at least that amount of time on this earth. Of course we have to nurture our bodies a little better if we expect that kind of outcome. And we told her that too.  I can just hear the f— yous coming my way.

Thankfully I am back to work so I can fill that hole in my bank account.  Thank God for credit cards.  I would have been in a mess without my cards.  Of course the interest rate will kill my pocket book but at least I had that to fall back on. Did you know that the first credit card was issued in 1950 by the Diner’s Club Inc.  This card could be used at a variety of establishments.  And then in 1958 the American Express Company came out with their version. Thus became a new national purchasing system for the average home owner. Yeah for us!!!

For those of you who ask yourself ” how can she be so smart” I will admit that most of my information comes from google.  It is the best information source. I love it.  Information at my fingertips.  Have at it.

Putting humor aside I am so thankful that my sister ” Helen” is doing so well. We really didn’t think she would make it.  And the pain and suffering she endured while healing made me want to bite something.  I hope that if something happens to me like that, that I will be as strong.  Me, I’ll probably just head for the light.

some of us just skate by

Take time today to appreciate something or someone. There is always something to be thankful for even when we feel there isn’t.  Just being able to feel is a gift.  For those of us lucky enough to have our health and mobility say a little pray of gratitude.  Luck is on our side today.  Oh, and have a great day today.

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