” I pledge”

I’m not sure how to write about trivial day to day stuff like my dog, squirrels, and nature when there is so many terrible things going on in the world. I go into a state of shock every time I look at Yahoo, MSN, or my favorite “OneAmericanNews” see all the terrible things that are happening in the world.  The people that are harming children, raping and killing children, and kidnapping and killing women is beyond belief.  I’m not a hysteric, but really, look at what the hell kind of stuff is appearing in the news.

I can’t even think of an appropriate vocabulary word to use for the horrendous story of those young teens who watched, and laughed, as a man died from drowning.  What kind of monsters are they?  What went wrong in their upbringing that they did not even feel the pain as that man lost his life. How could any human being stand by and laugh at such a scene before them.  It could only have been monsters. No DECENT person would have stood filming and laughing at such a thing.  No DECENT human being would have posted that video to show others just how inhumane they are.  They are disgusting. They are monsters.  They are lower then the lowest animal and I hope they get their due. Actually, I am sure they will for surely some day they will see the inside of a prison.

And the politics.  Need I say OMG.  We are the laughing stock of the world. What kind of leadership are we demonstrating to the world when we as Americans can not even get it together on our own home front.

I am embarrassed, ashamed and angry that the politicians that have been elected by the “people” are making a mockery of this country. I’m ashamed to think that nations all over the world are laughing at us, at our stupidity over whether or not we are going to support the”President of the United States” that was elected by the people, for the people.  That they are laughing at the daily news reports of “he said, she said” instead of banning together to represent this great country.

We need to get this country back in shape.  We need to be able to hold our heads high, not slink around ashamed because more shit has been thrown in to the wind. We need to come out of the locker room and become a people of dignity.  There is no dignity in our nations leaders.  It’s like a giant locker room with the players slapping each other asses.

I’m sick of what the bias media is saying and not saying about our most important leaders. What Trump did or didn’t do could never match up to a teeny,tiny deed done by the Clinton’s.  I mean come on.  The Russians paid good ole Bill $500,000 to speak.  To who and about what is my question.  And the uranium thing with Hillary.  Giving a big contract to the Russians after getting MILLIONS of dollars from them. Come on guys.

Did I mention the IT worker who along with several family members scammed the American system, leaders, and the secret service.  How the hell did that happen, and why isn’t the media going on a frenzy over that?  I mean that guy and his cohorts have email addresses, and passwords to some major folks in Washington, and he was trying to run away to Pakistan…

There are so many things that they are missing the boat on because of their locker room banter.  And, I am so sick of Trump.  I want a dignified leader. I want him to make us proud. I believe in him.  I think he has the strength to do great things if he would only just shut up, knuckle down, and get off the tweet merry go round.  He too is acting like a locker room bully.  What do they think this is? This is the United States of America.  We need to present a dignified, united front to the world.  There are nations talking about going to war.  There are countries stock piling arms.  Look at China, North Korea Iran, Syria, and everywhere else, and here we are still arguing back and forth over who did what to who, and when, instead of focusing on making this country strong.

I have family in Canada and when I went home for a visit in April I was ashamed and disheartened by the bad feelings they hold toward this country thanks to what is going on right now. All the stuff about Trump, all this fake news.  All the shit about the politicians.  I mean how does anyone think they are helping this country. Donald Trump was elected. I am as surprised as anyone but, he was elected by the people and the naysayers need to swallow that and get on with it. Get on and be good representatives instead of stabbing each other in the back.  Instead of telling the American people half truths and lies they need to support each other and work toward making this country great because the whole world, and I mean the whole world, is laughing at us. Everyone is waiting for this country to crumple.  Many are hoping it will happen.  There is going to be a war and we are going to be standing here pulling each other shorts up giving wedgies looking like fools.  I was not able to hold my head proud.  I had to agree with a lot of their opinions.  That did not sit well with me and that was a first.

It’s time to stop.  It’s time to step up and be leaders in a time when this world is trembling and shaking with uncertainty. It’s time to quietly get things back in shape by presenting a united face to the world.  We need to come out of the locker room and present a people with dignity.  There is no dignity in our nations leaders.  It’s like a gigantic locker room with people slapping insults at each other.

Please President Trump stop the bantering, stop the tweeting. I believe in you. I voted for you.  I believe that you can do it in a more professional and dignified way through your selected leaders.  Let them lead as you must as well. You need to get busy tending to the politics of the world.  You need to stop tweeting about everyone else.  They are wrong about you.  We who voted for you believe that but we are disgusted with all this locker room crap.  It is time for you to stop, and start leading this country.  Don’t be pulled into there game of trash talking. Step up and be a dignified president.  Make us proud that we voted for you.  That we support you. Make America great just like you said because right now it is not great, we are ashamed, we are embarrassed by the things going on in our government.

It’s time for this stuff to stop.  It’s not that you have to stop investigating the illegal behaviors but do it quietly, and with the right people behind you.  I know sometimes bringing it out to the people makes the wrong doers accountable.  But right now this is not the case.  All this news is making America look bad.  Making it’s people look bad.  You have wasted enough of your time, our time with all this garbage.  It is time to move forward.

A house divided crumbles and falls.  Remember the words to the pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Let’s say these words once more together.  We can not be divided.  Do you hear me.  WE CAN NOT BE DIVIDED.  INDIVISIBLE. Together we stand.  Please!!!” 

” I pledge”

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