The New Fifty.

I’m so lovely and young ha ha.

I would guess that you have heard the term ” the new fifty” meaning that a person sixty actually looks more like fifty.  Or that the new forty is someone fifty who looks forty,  or that the new thirty is well, you get my drift.  Anyway back to my ” the new fifty.”  I’m in my sixties and was gifted with good genes. I’ve always been taken for a younger person or at least I use to be.  When I was eighteen I looked like I was fourteen.  Not fun for me as I wanted to look older, and I was always getting carded later in my teens,  but it has paid off now.

There are days when I feel like I am still in my fifties.  I am pretty fit, a gogetter most days. I still want to look good, feel good, appeal to people just like the younger ones.  I want to be healthy and work out.  Not like the ” old” guy who looks like he has been shrunken from the inside out.  You know the one I mean.  So why is it that the advertising agencies of the world chose to ignore my generation?

That’s right. They ignore us.  I challenge you to watch the commercials the next time you sit down to watch television.  Look at the pages in a magazine and guess the models age. Many of them are still in their teens.

The products aimed at the older generation are for products such as life insurance, Depends, cancer drugs, and medications for diabetes.  When was the last time you saw an ” older” person ( you define the age) in an add for Target, Macy’s, JC Penny’s or any number of department stores that advertise on television, in magazines or in the paper.

I use to look thirty before my plastic surgery.

Do they not think that we can be beautiful?  Do they not think that we have money to burn like the youngsters, actually we probably have more.  Do they think we don’t feel passion?

How about those Viagra commercials.  They just piss me off.  You see this beautiful young women talking about her man and how he might need help getting it up ( not quite in those words). I can tell you she is not the ”  new fifty.”

Help me help us.  Write to those advertisers.  Do your own audit of the commercials.  See if what I am saying isn’t true. Ignoring us in their advertisements is a form of discrimination toward the ” older” generation as well as any other form of discrimination.  People just don’t pay attention to this form.

The stars talk about Hollywood and the discrimination there.  But what about everything else?  Most of the advertisements you see in magazines, on television, and in the paper picture young skinny people selling their products.  Forget the people who are of a normal weight or are older.  Do they not consume products as well?

my face is stuck.

Let’s ban together and make a fuss.  Write in your blog, complain on facebook, add it to all of your social media outlets that the advertisers of the world, at least most, are discriminating against the older generation.  Do audits and send your results to me and the advertisers.  Include in your audit the presumed age of the people in the advertisement as well as what products the add is selling. I bet everyone will see a pattern in advertising.  This is nothing new.  I am sure they are sitting back on their laurels just waiting for the shoe to drop.  Let’s knock their socks off as well.  Don’t let them get away with this any more.

Okay now that I have got that off my chest I want to tell you that if you have reached the ripe ole age of anything, consider it a blessing.  You have triumphant, you have survived, you have succeeded, and you are great.  Don’t let anyone make you feel any different.  We have more knowledge, more experience, and have seen so much more in our lifetime.  We have learned many of life’s lessons already.  Those young bucks, and buckettes still have so much to go through.  We have survived.

So for today be proud you have made it through thus far and have a great day because you deserve it! And send me your results.  I’ll be waiting.:)

You are perfect, I mean it.


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