The Hunter: What a Beauty!

What a beauty!

What a beauty!

Look at this lovely guy.  I don’t know that it is a guy but there it was perched on my neighbors fence for all the world to see.  This beautiful creature just stood there poised and calm looking around. I saw him when I let my dog out in the backyard.  He was  just hanging on the fence, watching.

I ran and grabbed my camera and when I went outside this beautiful  creature just looked at me as if to say “huh a human” and then looked around.  He was far enough away that I had to use my zoom as I snapped as fast as I could, sure that any minute the little darling would fly away.  Nope.  It just perched there for at least a half hour looking around while I muttered to myself and took picture after picture.

I tried to hide beside a tree so as not to scare him away but he never bated an eye while I stepped out and zoomed in.  The mosquitoes had a lovely feast on my neck.  I have the bites to prove it, but at the time I didn’t even notice them. I was enthralled with the bird’s loveliness.

In the distance I could hear this squirrel just cursing away.  Squirrels do that when they get angry or someone is in their space.  My guess was that the hawk had this squirrel in his sights, and he was just going to wait it out until the squirrel moved.  Several people I know have witnessed a hawk zoom in and grab a squirrel mid flight so, after I was done with my picture taking I shooed it away.

I was amazed when I saw him.

I was amazed when I saw him.

It was gorgeous.  And big.  Get a look at it’s talons, the size of it’s feet. His feet were much bigger then my hands.  Why that darn thing could have picked up a cat.  I’ve seen a hawk one other time perched on a tree branch at the end of my yard with a squirrel stuck higher up in the tree.  My mind at that time was to get the hawk out of there and rescue the squirrel so, I didn’t take time to get my camera.  It would have been a great shot too.

This time I heard the squirrel but decided to get my camera first.  The whole time I was snapping pictures I could hear this hysterical chatter.  The hawk didn’t even pay me any mind. There was no way I could catch it’s picture when he flew away but it was awesome. He had a wide wing span and when he left it was almost like he just floated over the house. Barely a flap lifted him up and out.

Later I went out to my yard again checking to see if the hawk returned but instead I think I saw his almost dinner stretched out on my tree branch.  The little squirrel certainly looked like he was recovering from something.

tree hugger

tree hugger

Life is amazing.  The creatures around us are a work of art with their colors and beauty. We are all a work of art as well.  Take time to look around you and see all the beauty that is there.   I know that there is bad stuff, horrible stuff, but we need to be reminded of the wonderful things that are there as well. Keep a camera handy just in case you want to capture the moment.  That moment will not repeat itself.

Have a great day.


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I am amazed by life, mostly the world of animals, nature, and things around us. People not so much. Oh, they amaze me. And, I see them. But it is the other things I reach for in a time of stress. And if I am lucky I have my camera handy..
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