Greetings and thanks to all of you who actually stumble across my blog and read it.  I am a great novice as you can tell from my barren blog page, but it serves it’s purpose.  I must say here that I would love to include your comments, what true ones I get, but I had a shocker a couple of weeks ago and will not be opening up anything for awhile.

I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my stuff. If you are blogging yourself I wish you well.  You may have noticed that people attach all sorts of shit to your blog to try and make it a piece of crap, and I for one don’t appreciate it.  I was shocked the other day when I received a very nice compliment attached to some x-rated blog site. I nearly had an accident in my depends I was so pissed.

I suppose there are those superior geniuses out there who still feel so inferior that they have to attack the little people like myself who really don’t have a clue as to the greater mechanics of the wide web.  I am as I said a novice.  I work full time so I don’t have the hours to sit and figure everything out.  I just follow along with my thoughts and put it on this page. I am always surprised when someone takes the time to attach a piece of crap to my stuff.  Wow, you really must be bored, or feeling really inferior to attack my page.

When I talk about the bad stuff out there this is one example of what I am talking about. People who have nothing better to do then to troll the web and assassinate peoples pages out of jealousy, and petty feelings of superiority.  I mean really, how could I offend or annoy anyone who is so much more superior then I.

Blogging is a great way to communicate.  It is a way to get your thoughts and feelings out there without going to therapy.  And, it is a way to connect, but not always with the best of our species.  I am sorry for that.  I really want to like and trust all of you but when there was a big hairy p—- across my screen I yelped and  closed down my computer.  Why did someone do that?  I have done nothing to you.  Is there no one out there who will talk to you so you don’t have to go around the WORLD insulting people. It is bullying to it’s highest degree.

we are each unique

The web is a marvelous place. It opens so many doors for all of us.  Some we would rather not have opened.  It is a place to explore the world. A way to see people and things we never dreamed of seeing, including the shit that people think is a great joke to send out.

Why waste your time spoiling things for the rest of us. I suppose this is something that has been going on your whole life. Something that you did as a kid to torment others whom you felt inferior or superior toward.  Now you have the whole world wide web at your feet to help you feel better about yourself.  I am sure though that you don’t.  Putting out trash on others blogs is an example of how bad you feel about yourself.  When you laugh at what you have done to others, it is just your poor self esteem shining through.

For the rest of us I hope things are going well.  It is very hot and humid where I am, so now I live in a cave.  Not really, but I have my shades down to keep out the heat, fans going, and I almost never leave my house unless duty calls.  I am not sure which is worst, heat or cold.

I do love talking to all of you.  Telling you that things will get better.  That we are all in this together, and what we do truly matters. Everything we do or don’t do counts.  Being as how I am getting up there in years, I am always asking for forgiveness for my sins.  I have made a lot of mistakes along the way.  Things I wish I hadn’t done.  Things I can’t change. I try to forgive myself and go forward but, sometimes the shadows catch up with me, and I am reminded of my failures.

It does no good to let those kinds of thoughts take over my day as things are what they are. I am here now and must go forward from this point.  I do thank the lord everyday for my simple existence.  I mean, I could have been dead years ago had the cancer won out.  So, each day I say I am sorry for my wrongs for the day, and I say thank you for giving me another chance to get it right.  If I offend anyone I don’t mean too.  I ask for your forgiveness as well.

It’ okay.

There is so much out there to help us feel good about the day. To help us feel peaceful.  To help us feel thankful.  Don’t let the crude of the world spoil your day. Offer them your prayer of forgiveness. Offer them a prayer that they will find their own self worth, and not have to try and take away ours.

From me to you have a great day!


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I am amazed by life, mostly the world of animals, nature, and things around us. People not so much. Oh, they amaze me. And, I see them. But it is the other things I reach for in a time of stress. And if I am lucky I have my camera handy..
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