Take a Moment! Turn Off The Television.

There are scary things in the world.

What on earth is going on in the world?  I recommend you take a moment to gather your thoughts and feelings in order to move away from the chaos that is erupting everywhere.  I mean, what is wrong with people.  It seems as though all the craziness is coming through the seams of our very being.  People are being influenced by the hatred and bigotry of a group of mad humans who are looking to harm anyone who gets in their way or disagrees with them.  The world is infused with madness. Really!!!

I went several days without watching any television or news programs.  I tell you I was feeling great.  I had forgotten how toxic television can be, and how it influences our mood and well being.

Everywhere on TV and the news the creators are keeping the public mad with fear, hatred, and bigotry.   I think to myself this can’t be real, but it is.  At least they are leading us to believe that, and we are letting them.

Even when I watch my favorite news station ” One America News Network”  I am left with a bad taste in my mouth.  All the revelations about corruption, greed, racism, and sex has worn me out.  I do not want to believe that there are so many horrible, detestable people in the world.  Are there?  Really?

Don’t take my toy.

I am going to play the devil’s advocate here and say that “no one can make us be a bad person, it is our choice”  That’s right, it is our choice to turn away from those in need.  It is our choice to spit in the face of someone we have been programmed to hate, and it is our choice to be the kind of person that is no longer human.

I think we need to take a moment.  We need to step away from our fears and hatred.  Who are we really?  What do we have to be thankful for in this world?  How can WE change the programming of our mind to forgive and move onward?

It is possible to change what direction our lives are going.  It is possible to become a better person.  All it takes is the desire for change, and the responsibility to make it happen.

I was watching a video on Yahoo the other day.  It was of some men saving a mother dog and her pup.  I couldn’t find the video to attach here, but I want to tell you the story.

The mother dog and one puppy were stuck along the rim of a drainage pool and could not traverse back up the very steep embankment.  Each time they tried they slid back toward the water.

Will they help or not?

In the distance were several guards who heard the frantic whimpers of the animals and came to take a look.  The men were speaking Russian or Ukranian or some other language that I could not understand although the message was very clear.

I will say that there were two scenarios that could have occurred.  One, they could have laughed and walked away leaving the two animals to finally fall into the water and drown.  Or two, they could have been good humans and helped.

These big hulking men gathered a rope and while one was holding the line, the other slid down to the mother dog and pup.  It was a sight that brought tears to my eyes.  The man grabbed the pup first, and the second man pulled him back up the embankment.  It was a very slippery slope to be sure.

You could see the excitement in the mother dog by her behavior as her baby was being rescued.  When the man slid back down to get her she hopped into his arms.  Once at the top of the embankment she whirled around the men in what I can only say was appreciation for their rescue.  At the end of the video the little group crossed back along the top of the embankment to safety. I could not understand one word that was being said but the message was very clear.  Help another in need be it human or animal.

This video reminded me that while there is so much hated and anger being projected across our television screens, there are still wonderful people who take time out of their day to help others, and save animals.  These great people don’t ask the color of someone’s skin or their political party.  They just reach out and help.

choose another path.

What I ask of you, and myself, is to take a moment to look at the good things that are going on in the world.  Look at all the wonderful videos on YOUTUBE of great things occurring around you.  Look at all the marvelous people reaching out to others across the great world wide web who want to help and educate.  It is a revelation to look at.  It is heart warming. It will change your mood entirely.

If I know one truth it is that we are influenced by the people who surround us.  If we surround ourselves with war mongrels we will be one as well.  If we surround ourselves with self loathing and hateful people,  we come to loath ourselves and others too.  And, if we surround ourselves with those who want to harm others, then we will reach out to do harm as well.  It is a truth.  It is a reality.

All I ask is that you test this truth by changing up the people who influence you if your life is chaos and you want a change.  We are what we bring into our lives.  We are the people we surround ourselves with.  No one can make us be who we do not want to be.  It is our choice.

You can also test this truth by watching videos of people saving animals, helping children, working to save the environment, giving to the elderly or helping their neighbors.  After such exposure we often come away feeling a whole lot better.  It influences us to want to help as well,  just like hatred influences us to hate.

I am saddened by the things I see going on in the world.  So much pain, and while I can’t change anyone else, I can change myself.  I can pick and choose what I will watch, who I will hang with, and whether I will give of myself or not.  Those are the only things I can control.  Those are the only things you can control.

I love this country.

We do have a great country.  It has so much potential.  It is the people of this country who can make it great or destroy it.  What kind of person do you want to be?  We can’t change the past.  I am not responsible for what my ancestors did or didn’t do.  I can feel sad that they may have made bad choices or done bad things, but I can say that I have not been one to do bad things as well.  Can you?

I have been to other countries where the people were not as fortunate as we.  It helped me appreciate all that I have in this world.  When I am being greedy wanting ” more stuff”  I am often brought back to the reality that I have all that I need.  I may want more, but I don’t need it. I am blessed right now with all that is in my life. My conscience reminds me not to be greedy, and so I return to my blessings.  Do you.?

Take a moment.  Take two.  Look at your world and make it a better place.  Each of us contributes to the chaos around us.  Are we helping or hindering?   Turn off the television.  Go out and help someone or something.  Give of yourself.  Pass it forward.  Do a good deed without being asked.  Forgive a wrong that has been done to you.  It only holds you back.  And, love yourself.  You have the potential to be a great person.  You have a choice.

Together we stand.

Let’s make today a new and better day.  We can do this together.  We have the power to do great things.  And, as I always say, for today have a GREAT day,  you deserve it.


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