St Jude, Cancer, and Charities.

It has been so dam hot lately that all I do with my free time is knit and watch television. Now, I am still of an age where I work for a living so eight hours a day are filled being busy.  The rest has been sitting on my butt.  As I said it is too hot.

What I’ve noticed in this so called free time is that there are many charities that advertise on television begging for donations and offering gifts.  Many make their point by showing grim pictures of children, veterans, and the world of abused pets.  All deserve our utmost attention.  All deserve our help.

Thankfully there are many programs through the government to help the veterans.  And there are many organizations that specifically care for those who have served. If you want to help a veteran contact your local veterans administration office.  They can lead you in the right direction.

I don’t say this very often or to many people but I am a cancer survivor. What that really means is that I survived the treatment, and so far I have survived the disease. Both can kill you.  So, for me I feel it to the depth of my soul when they talk about children suffering through the kinds of things that I suffered through.  It is horrendous.  It is painful. And it is very, very, frightening.

children are our future, treat them well.

St Jude is one of those places especially focused on the care of children.  They offer free treatment.  They offer free housing during treatment.  And they offer free meals for the family members who are there for their little ones.

I don’t usually preach about giving but that is one place that deserves it.  So what I have decided to do is donate all the profits from any of the items that I sell on my blog to St Jude’s. I promise to make quarterly payments, if I sell anything,  to the hospital.

If you have looked at my other pages you know that I have a limited number of treasure troves for sale, lovely necklaces filled with gems on the loose, my passion.  A mini health booklet.  And, a meditation guide and CD written and produce by myself and a friend who passed away several years ago from breast cancer. Isn’t life odd.  Neither of us knew what the future had in store for us.

I want to give all the profits I make to St Jude.  If I ever win the lottery they will definitely get a cut, and I give my $19 a month right now. Here is their web site if you want to take a look

even Tess is gentle with the baby.

As to the abused animals that are being rescued each and every minute I say hooray to those kind people who work so hard.  It is such an unthinkable act that any human being could harm and abuse a helpless animal or pet.

I have a dog.  My children have a dog.  I had many dogs out on the farm, and all they ever gave to me was love.  How could anyone hurt a creature that only gives us it’s love. Another place I donate my $19 a month to is the ASPCA, take a look at their site as well. 

There are so many places where you can reach out and help those who are in need. You don’t have to give money.  You can donate your time, donate your good old clothes, donate your pennies.  I bet you have a bunch laying around just like I do.  Who uses pennies anyway?  You can also give to the homeless shelter in your area, or the local food bank.  No one should go hungry even for a minute.  We waste so much…


So, instead of sitting around thinking that you can’t do anything or you can’t make a difference, know that you can.  One can of soup or one box of crayons can help someone.  Help a child.

If each one of us just gives a little that is millions worth of something. Right!  So, as I always say,  for today have a great day, you deserve it.


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