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I was in a state of shock yesterday.  There I was driving along minding my own business stopped at a stop light when I noticed these two dogs attacking another dog.  The owners were kicking, pulling, and screaming at the dogs to get them apart to no avail. Cars where speeding by and not one person was paying a dam bit of attention.  Or if they did they didn’t do anything.

One of the ladies ended up on her ass sitting and pulling at her dog’s leash trying to rescue her dog while the other lady with the two attackers was screaming and yanking as well.

After I turned the corner I did a complete U-turn and parked my car right there in the lane on their side of the street, jumped out, grabbed my stick with my own dog’s leash wrapped around it that I have in the back of my SUV, and ran over waving my club like object at the dogs all the while screaming NO! NO!

Believe it or not the two dogs stopped trying to attack the poor Australian Sheppard that was yelping away.  With the sudden shock of quiet came the trembling of our limbs as we stood there surprised that this had indeed stopped the mayhem.

What a horrible thing to happen!  Here it was a beautiful day, two lovely ladies out walking their dogs, and BAM a savage fight occurs between the dogs.  I know the lady with the sheppard was very distraught as it was the other two that had attacked her dog.

she’s even good with Sky

We all stood there for several minutes surprised and a little shaken, humans and dogs alike. After the owners checked their dogs over it was discovered that none of the three were injured, but the vicious sounds were still ringing in our ears.  I was as shocked as the owners.  I have never seen such a thing happen before and I was pretty upset myself.

Once the ladies and myself were sure that all was well we went our separate ways. Of course the lady with the attacking pair was very apologetic stating “they aren’t even my dogs, I was just walking them for a friend. They’ve never done that before.”  But it didn’t ease the upset that I felt, and it sure didn’t make the other dog owner feel any better.

Now, I have a dog.  She is a sweetheart, very protective, and very smart.  When I got her from my son she was two years old, was not trained, and had never been out on a leash except for maybe twice.

Once she came to live with me I bought a training video by Don Sullivan (check it out) to help me train her the right way to behave when out and about. We walk on a trail that has many walkers and bikers at any given time.

Tessie has learned to stay on the right side of the sidewalk, never crossing in front of me to the left, so that bikers and speed walkers can pass without difficulty. She is on a 25 foot leash so that she can do her snuffling in the grass and brush on the right to her hearts desire.  And, when another dog comes our way I tell her to stop, she does, I walk up and take her leash close to her collar and we walk on by.  I will admit that sometimes she wants to connect with the other dog but I never let them get close, and I don’t allow strangers to pet her on our walks.  I want her focused on the walk not being social.

playing with the baby

Twice when we have been out walking she has been attacked by another dog. Once was by a German Sheppard who was off leash and ran over and attacked her. Luckily it was all noise, no real bites, and was soon stopped.  Need I say I was pissed and wanted to slap that dog owner. You should never let your dog off leash unless you can control it at all times. Never, ever!!!!!!!!

The other time she was attacked was by a little miniature collie that we had seen many times on our walks.  This little piece of shit was always aggressive, growling and barking as we passed.  The time it attacked it was sitting on a bench with the owner and it jumped off, ran up and attacked Tessie from behind, then ran yapping away as Tessie turned to attack back.

Of course the owner was apologetic but I was mad.  If you are going to walk your dog where there will be other dogs you can not allow them to be aggressive or threatening.  It is not cute, and can cause a fight.  I have seen Tessie walk happily by many dogs, and I have seen her hackles go up at others. She can sense who is the threat, and so can they.

I didn’t notice until we got home that the little bugger had bitten her back foot otherwise I would have let her get a hold of it instead of pulling her away. Dam little shit.

we love our babies

Most pet owners love their pets.  I know I do.  Most don’t want bad things to happen. So, to prevent harm coming to you or your dog train them. When I saw that lady on the ground pulling on her dog’s leash I was terrified that the attacking dogs would turn on her.  It has happened.  Of course I came to the rescue because I can’t stand to see any animal get hurt but, the attacking dogs could of turned on me as well.  In that moment I didn’t think of that I just reacted.  All I saw was that someone needed to step in and help these poor ladies.

If you love your pet give them the training they need to keep them, and you safe if you are going to take them out and about as you should.  There is no better way to exercise then walking a dog.  You can walk slow, fast, run, or go long distances, and have a happy companion as well.  All dog owners should exercise and play with their dogs.  It makes for a happier pet.  And, a not so chubby owner.

I am glad that I stepped in and helped those ladies.  I know they will be traumatized for awhile over what happened.  I know I was when it happened to me, and after rescuing them.  So, be safe and train your dog. If you need help take a look at Don Sullivan’s web site.  Oh, and another one of my favorite trainers is Cesar Millan.  Take a look at his web site as well.  We pet owners need all the help we can get.

Look into those eyes

So for today get out in some fresh air with your dog, and have a great day.


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