Right to Health Care!!!!

” home of the free.”

Bullshit…That’s right. I say bullshit.  These politicans are at it again.  We have always had the right to healthcare.  Always.  No one ever took that away. It’s called PICK AND PAY. You find a company that has what you want and you pay them.  Americans have always had the right to choose what healthcare provider they want to have cover their healthcare needs.  I believe there are probably forty or so companies to choose from.  The ISSUE  and what I think Obamacare was trying to do was make it AFFORDABLE.  Need I say it again.  Americans have always had the right to healthcare coverage, they could chose who they wanted,  they just have to pay for it.

These politicans in Washington like to twist words around to make us think that they are offering us something if we follow along with them.  They think we are all idiots who they have to lead to water.

I have a great job, I pay over $300 a month, my share, for health insurance, and I still pay out of pocket expenses.  I had a  ” necessary” surgical procedure.  I had a hysterectomy because my organs were falling out.  It wasn’t something I chose to have done for cosmetic reasons, and I still paid almost $3000 out of pocket for that one procedure.  I had to pay my share to the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the OR fee, and other people for that surgery and care.

What Obamacare wanted, what it started out to be was ” affordable” for poor or low income people.  What the insurance providers who agreed to cover these people,( it is their right to say no, it is a free country, a capitalist country) found out was that even with low premiums these same people still couldn’t afford the cost of the CARE when it was provided.  I am talking about their OUT OF POCKET SHARE,  there is out of pocket expenses with all insurance providers whether it is for your car, your house, or your health.  We all have to pay out of pocket expenses should we need to use that insurance coverage that we pay for, and then the car insurance company, or home owners insurance provider may raise our rate or drop us altogether as we BECOME too much of a risk for their pocketbook due to our  issues.  There are many many people with tales of being dropped by insurance companies for preexisting conditions or accidents.

So the real issue for Washington, for President Trump, is not that we have the right to healthcare coverage, we already have that, but that the people want it to be more affordable. Healthcare is ridiculously expensive.  It is expensive to have coverage, and then when you need care it gets really expensive.  I’m talking bankrupacy expensive.  And don’t get me started on the cost of medications.

I know for a fact that many, let me say it again, many of the elderly who worked their whole life can not afford extra “gap” insurance for their medications which is not covered by medicare, so they go without, or take partial doses.  I work in healthcare.  I know this to be a fact.  I have known many couples who were splitting a prescription for blood pressure medication because they couldn’t afford a double script.  What I mean is they were splitting the pills in half, and each only taking half of the prescribed dose, not the needed daily dose, because they couldn’t afford the whole dose for both of them.  They felt that half was better then none.  Real story.

At age 56 I was diagnoised with breast cancer.  I had a lump in my breast that had been there for a year and a half, and yes I had seen surgeons, doctors, and a breast specialist who all said ” it is nothing, what are we watching this for” making me feel foolish, until one day  they then said ” opps, it is breast cancer” when they finally did a biopsy.  Perhaps not in those exact words.  You can read more about this in my blogs about cancer.  The reason I am sharing this is that I then asked the radiologist if I could have a PET scan to look at my whole body before I saw a cancer doctor to be sure that this ” cancer” that had been present for at least a year and a half had not spread to other areas.  He agreed that it was a great idea stating ” too many people jump into treatment before being sure it hasn’t spread.”  His words I swear.

Anyway, the insurance company refused to pay the $5000 for this test as it was not in the standard treatment cascade for breast cancer.  It wasn’t the next step in treatment.  There were other test and things to do, probably taking months to get done so, I had to pay out of pocket for this test to assure myself that the cancer had not spread to other parts of my body like my brain or liver.  It took me ten years, on purpose, to pay this off.

But my point is that there are things that we have to pay for, there are cost to healthcare that each individual will have to pay, there are deductibles, there are caps on care, on treatments, and on and on goes the merry go round. And this is what politicians in Washington are leaving out.

My question is do we want only ONE provider deciding what our premiums will be, what are benefits will be, what our out of pocket expenses will entail because right now WE DO GET TO PICK AND CHOOSE who we want to pay, and how much we can afford.  The real problem is that when it comes down to catastrophic occurrences or serious diseases most poor or low income people, even middle income folks, can’t afford the out of pocket part of this whole plan.

And that is what needs to be addressed by the Bernie Sanders followers, or anyone else is who talking about healthcare.  What is the cost to the AMERICAN people going to be. Not only for the premiums but for the care we will receive. 

Obamacare was trying to help the poor and needy, but it didn’t work.  It was too expensive for the providers who agreed to the low premiums as they lost truck loads of money providing the care.

So Bernie, and all you other idiots stop talking like you are giving us the right to health care.  We already have that.  It is the coverage and care that we can’t not afford.  One serious health crisis in a family trying to make ends meet and it is bankruptcy for them.  Good hard working people can not afford the care when their health goes haywire.  It is a fact.  That is what Obamacare was suppose to help with.  It didn’t and the cost skyrocketed.

What can the leaders in Washington do to help reduce the COST of coverage and care.  Can they really offer free provider coverage, and free treatment because that is really what is needed.  And, when they talk about doing it like the other socialized countries do they realize that the people who have to rely on that type of care get the minimum treatment, the cheapest medications, the longest wait times for appointments, and only ‘ALLOWABLE” TREATMENT OPTIONS.  Those that have money in the bank will get the best treatments, see the best doctors, and have the best care because they will be able to pay out of pocket….And that is the truth.  I’ve been to Canada, I have family there, I have been to Finland and know that the working class pay higher taxes for those that don’t, and that you get better care if you see the doctor on ” his” time and pay out of pocket. FACT.

My lesson for today’s tangent is that we need to listen to what is really being said by these folks in power.  We need to look carefully and know the topic and terms they are throwing our way.  And we need to be involved.  Don’t just take it at face value that what they are saying is true.  Again, we all have the right, and always have, to healthcare, we just have to pay for it.  Don’t let them make you think otherwise.  The real question is how are they going to get us coverage and make the care affordable.  That is what we need to know as voters and decisions makers.  We are smart.  We are educated.  Don’t let those people in Washington make you believe they are smarter.  They are not.  They don’t even have the same experiences as we do.  Be in the know.  Listen and ask questions.  And vote.  I do now, and I am sorry that I didn’t in the past.

Oh, and for today, have a great day.  You are beautiful and deserve it.

We are Americans first.

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