Ranting against ” Breast Cancer Awareness” Part 9 Off the Beaten Path.

Hanging on for dear life.

Hanging on for dear life.

I expected so much more this month.  I don’t know if I have been walking around with my eyes closed but, I haven’t heard that much about breast cancer awareness.  I see pink things for sale in the stores but it hasn’t been overwhelming.  I am puzzled!  Have they just given up talking and are now just raking in the money? After all, like I said,  we have heard it all.

I started this blog piece and posted it in 2016 as I went on a tangent about breast cancer awareness.  I want ACTION instead.  I am now going to add to this blog as I feel it needs an update.  Here is what was said then. “Actually, I know the cause of the quietness about cancer.  It is these stupid election commentaries. These insults and barbs plastered all over the television and internet. These messages have pushed aside all the important pink talk that has gone on before.  Hell listening to this stuff on the television and the internet will give you cancer of the “something” it is so annoying.  I have to admit that I am ashamed of being an American knowing that the world is looking at “our” selections for president while laughing their asses off.” We are still looking like fools two years later.  The barbs and insults continue.  It is shameful that there is no respect left in this country for anyone or anything, and it is getting worse.

“I am ashamed that all we hear from Trump, who had some potential in the beginning, is insults.  I had hoped for more from him not being a politician.  I thought he had our interest at heart, but I think we have all been fooled.  He is all about one upping everyone with the shit he throws out there.”  Things are still a mess.  I have never seen politicians go at each others throats this way.  They have no respect for their positions or their responsibilities to us the American people. 

“And Hillary!!!  I would have had great respect for her, maybe even leaned her way had she dumped that worthless, cheating, husband of hers.  How can she talk about improving the lives of women when she is still carrying around that piece of crap. This man who shamed her horrendously in front of the whole world.  Now he is hanging on to her skirt tales so he can be in the limelight.”! Guess where he is now.  Haven’t seen much of him have we.  He is not standing by his woman now is he.

“What is wrong with us that we could not find better candidates?  Why didn’t a more worthy person come forward.  My guess is it is all about the money.  Who has the most to throw away.  Neither of these candidates should be pleased if they win.  Neither of them are really the peoples choice.  We are stuck with them through their own pushing and shoving the people below them around. Threats, barbs and insults are what have poured from their mouths.  Not what the true America needs.”  The crap is still flowing.  The lies pour out of them like sewage from a drain.  I can not even listen to the news it is so packed with lies and made up trash.

“I am saddened by what is in store for us no matter who wins.  We are at the cusp of war and one of these two are what will take part in this.  I am hoping to see any other name on the ballot when I go to vote because that is who I will pick.”  There wasn’t anyone so I picked the worse of two evils.  I only hope that he will be able to do us some good.  I think he inherited a pit of vipers and that could well be his, and our downfall.  

“How is this topic tied into cancer awareness?  Because they are like a cancer spreading disease and unrest.  Spreading fear.  Spreading insults and lies.  I don’t know what these two are really about because I have lost track of the talk.  I shut down my computer or turn off my television when they start talking about them.  It is the only treatment for this kind of cancer.  Don’t give it air and maybe it will die.”  Nope it just grew another head.  

“In the very beginning I was excited that we might have someone new who would take care of us first.  But now I see that will not happen.  It will be whoever gets out the most slings and arrows in the right amount of time.  It will be whoever has the most money to flash unsavory commentaries across the television networks before the elections.  It will be the one who looks like the LEAST worthless candidate in the whole scheme of things.”  Need I add to this?  Nope it hasn’t changed.

“They are both like a cancer.  I have pain, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, and a great depression when I anticipate what will happen next month.  I wish there was a medication that would help me feel better but I am afraid that there isn’t any tonic for this disease.  I hope everyone stocks up on their anti-disease medicines because no matter who wins we are going to need a bunch.”  Now almost two years later it is not looking so good.  Things are covered in a haze.  Things are distorted.  It is confusing.  Is anything really getting done that will benefit the people?  Is anyone really looking out for this country?  

“For me I will be more aware the next time around.  I know, I hate that word awareness but in this context it is okay.  I have been a fly by night voter, and I see I will, we will, pay the price for it.  I can only say don’t just be aware TAKE ACTION NOW.  Go out and vote this year.  If there is a third choice on the ballet pick that one, maybe going in blind is the way to do it this year.  It certainly couldn’t be any worse then going in with your eyes wide open.”

Local elections are starting now and they are almost as bad.  They are going right for the throat again.  They show a brief, I mean brief family picture, then start slinging the shit over the fence.  My suggestion is for all of us to start educating ourselves on who we are letting run our towns, and our cities so that the ones who lead our country will be good representatives of the people.  We trusted the news stations to lead us forward.  We expected the truth and trusted their words.  Our eyes have finally been opened.  They lead us astray with their lies. So for now and in the future be aware.  Be in the know, and for today have a good day, we deserve it.

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