Ranting about ” Breast Cancer Awareness” Part 7

I’m thinking of you.

I wrote this blog back in 2016.  It was and is my way to release my anger over all this awareness stuff.  I wrote different ” parts” to my story, and my opinion. This blog starts with ” today” is October 1st, let the games begin,  even though I had written other blogs before then so, I’m going to leave it as it is written because the message is the same.   I’m talking about breast cancer awareness month.  I am ready to do some heavy meditating to get me past all this awareness crap. I’m sorry but for me as a survivor I believe it goes way past the awareness phase now.

If you have read any of my earlier blogs you know that I am all about TAKING ACTION NOW in regards to cancer.  We need to encourage people and providers to take action when something goes haywire in our bodies.  Now I could rant on, and go quite in depth on this topic but, the final message would still be the same.  Do something now.  That’s it. Don’t wait and watch!

I knew a nurse who worked in a doctor’s office.  She had a lump in her breast. He told her it was nothing, “let’s watch it.”  and after another year he said the same thing, ” it is nothing, let’s watch it.”  Finally, not trusting in her trusty doctor, she went to someone else and 2 years later she had to undergo horrific cancer treatment that lasted for several years. She ended up with brain damage from a stroke brought on by her treatments, and walks and talks like a stroke victim, even though she started out as a victim of cancer.

I also had a friend who was getting more and more fatigued.  The doctor kept putting him on antibiotics.” Sinuses” he said. ” Bronchitis” he called it.  No lab work was done he was just kept giving him medications.  He went three go rounds as I remember it. He kept getting worse and finally SIX months later the doctor ordered some lab testing, and it was off the charts bad.  He had cancer.  He ended up having to go through the worse type of treatment and almost died.  Today he is doing pretty good, not great, but pretty good.

There are stories galore that could fill a library with the written words of these victims of cancer.  Stories of the things that were missed or were down played for one reason or another.

I am not writing this to point fingers at anyone.  I am writing this to encourage people AND providers to take action instead of watching and waiting. Do better testing, do better treatments, get involved in your own care even if you are afraid.

I know that people think they shouldn’t have to look things up, that their doctors should know it all.  Well they don’t so, you need to get a little pushy with your doctor, ask questions, ask for referrals, look up the most current testing, and change doctors if you are not happy with your care.

We must take action.  It is our bodies, and our well being at stake.  One of my favorite doctors  always said ” when in doubt check it out.”

Every time something is wrong in my body I panic.  I can’t help it.  I have had bad things go wrong, and I have survived the treatments.  Still, let something be out of whack, and I am instantly filled with fear.

dam them.

I had a positive stool test ( for blood) so my doctor recommended a colonoscopy. For the next couple of weeks I panicked at least once a day, afraid of having the test, afraid not to have the test.  Thankfully the colonoscopy was normal. Sometimes those test give a false positive. Dam it!

I am three weeks post surgery right now.  I had to have a hysterectomy. I had pain, I had cyst on my ovaries, I had bowel issues, and I had a boat load of fear. The surgery went well. No cancer thank the lord.

And that is what having had cancer does to you.  It builds fear into everything related to your health.  I hate it that I get so frightened.  It’s a normal reaction though and will be there forever.

I would like to see others get the care they need sooner rather then later.  I want to say screw awareness.  Is there anyone out there that is surprised by what cancer does to the human body, and the human spirit.  I don’t think so. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the statistics?  Probably not.  We need to change the theme.  It needs to be TAKE ACTION NOW against cancer.  Any kind of cancer.

So whenever you hear it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Shout out that it needs to be TAKE ACTION NOW month.  And have a great and healthy day today because you deserve it.

come and play, you”ll feel better.


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