Ranting about ” Breast Cancer Awareness” Part 3



You’re sick, you might be dying, your heart is full of fear, and the future is an uncertain place. This is not the time to have to deal with insurance companies, and the fine print.  But, this is often when you learn what is and what isn’t covered by your provider.

I am like everyone else, or should I say most people.  I have homeowners, car and health insurance.  I can not tell you one thing about the fine print or what happens when a catastrophy occurs.  I live in a state of delusions about my coverage.  You never REALLY know what is covered until an event occurs. Then you learn.  Oh, yes you learn.

I am not going to bash insurance companies but let me say that they were my new worst enemy at a time when I needed a friend.  I quit my job of twenty one years, with good health insurance, to go to college to have poor insurance. I even bought the catastrophic part of the student insurance because I was an older person returning to school, and things just seem to happen to us older folks. Plus I didn’t really trust the providers when they said “oh it is nothing, nothing!”

Life can be so cruel.  At a time when I would feel my absolute worse I had to stay on top of things and fight with the insurance company over and through most of my treatment.

The first thing the insurance company said when I was first diagnosed and had received my first chemotherapy treatment was that they didn’t cover cancer treatments until your catastrophic part kicked in. It wouldn’t kick in till I had reached $100,000 in health care expenses.  I told them I would be dead by then.  They said that’s the way the policy was written, and I went into a panic.

I had to get injections to boost my immune cells because the cancer treatment dropped me to a dangerous level after only one treatment. The insurance company refused to pay. They didn’t cover injections, I argued, they fought, and I thought the world was a horrid place.

Sun shining on the moss

Sun shining on the moss

The good news is there is an advocate out there for us.  THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER.  I contacted their office sobbing and hysterical as they patiently listened while I got out the details of this farce.   They agreed that the provider had to offer better coverage, what they were doing was wrong, and they contacted them and made them pay.

This was the game we played all through my cancer treatment.  They didn’t want to pay for stuff, the commissioner said ” oh yes you will”  and I still ended up with thousands and thousands of dollars of medical bills at the end of my treatment.  Without the commissioners help who knows what it would have been.

So, what I would like to see is some of this money taken in during AWARENESS month go to those who need assistance to pay for their treatments and tests.  Even with insurance the cost is huge to keep on living. We need to help those that need it.  Instead of buying pink things we need to put it in a pot marked TAKING ACTION NOW.

We need to TAKE ACTION against cancer.  We need to be assertive and demand good care at a time when we are at our worst.  We need to help those who can not do this on their own.

Let the new song be TAKE ACTION  NOW AGAINST CANCER!!!!!!!!!

fight for good care.





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