Ranting about ” Breast Cancer Awareness.” Part 2″




I am going to start here and say  I saw a commercial last night for a pair of shoes, can’t and won’t mention the brand, but they said that they would donate $10 of their sales to cancer awareness.  The shoes probably cost forty, fifty bucks so, how much profit is that to the maker of the shoes.

There is a web site that list some good questions to ask yourself before you buy pink products click here.  We want to know where the money is really going, and how will it help those suffering from this deadly disease.

By the way have I mentioned that Breast Cancer Awareness month, the color pink, and all things tied to this send me into a rage.  If not, it does.

Why, again because I no longer believe we need to preach AWARENESS, we need to preach TAKE ACTION NOW.  At this point the WHOLE world is aware.   Everyone has heard the statistics on cancer.

It is just the beginning of October and the commercials are starting, the products are out there, every  magazine is covered with pink pages, and the money is just waiting to pour into these vendors pockets.

For those of you that haven’t read my earlier blog  I did have cancer and received treatment so, that makes me a survivor.  It has been Fourteen years and I was very blessed during that horrific time.  I met some really great people. Half of the providers wrote off my share of their bill when they found out I was in school and couldn’t pay.

And, I paid off a PET scan just three years ago that I had before I started treatment.  The insurance company wouldn’t cover it because it wasn’t in the flow of recommended tests with my kind of cancer.  But, I wasn’t going to do treatment until I knew that it hadn’t spread anywhere else. Remember it had been a year and a half before anyone thought it was a good idea to do a biopsy. I will talk about insurance and other topics in later blogs.

Let’s do it.

Back to what’s going on now.  What I would like to hear is that half of the money taken in at this very lucrative time goes to TAKING ACTION NOW against cancer. I mean for the whole time they sell their pink products in the name of cancer.  I want to see that every shirt, pair of shoes, bookmark, soda pop, and whatever else is being sold under the guise of awareness goes to helping cancer patients TAKE ACTION NOW. 

I am not against people or organizations making a profit, hell we can all use more money but, I want it put to better use.  I want help for those who can’t afford the best treatments, the best tests, the best after care because of their insurance restrictions or poverty.

Speaking as a survivor, and I never do this in the real world, around real people as I am a very private person, I think that all the latest treatments and care should be the same for all. Everyone deserves the right to fight this demon with the best weapons available.  The cash coming in before, during, and after the month of October can help make this happen.

There are so many decisions made due to what the insurance providers will pay.  It isn’t necessarily about the person being treated or the treatment that would be the best.  What about those without cash in their pockets, homes to mortgage, or insurance coverage?  Do they go to the food bank of cancer treatments and get the left overs.

I know that we could trade tit for tat here and go on for hours about who hasn’t or who has done enough.  Not a very productive way to spend our time. So what I want to say is that there are differences and we need to eliminate this by making this campaign about “Taking Action Now ” against cancer.

I am sure that the education departments, the awareness leaders of the world have plenty of educational tools in their store houses to last a lifetime. Probably many. What we need now is to encourage people to take action when they find something wrong in their bodies. Push their providers to do more, send them somewhere else, and not wait and see what happens.

I don’t want another person to lose their life because they were told “let’s watch it.”  I can tell you from the survivor side of this that once you find a lump, bump or other foreign body you are aware forever.  Everyday that I waited was a day filled with fear, my hand wandering to that lump begging it to be gone.

My recommendation instead of buying pink stuff that really means nothing (so your are aware, so you are sympathetic) but are you really doing anything, is to give that money to your local church to help a cancer victim right now.  You could start a CANCER ACTION GROUP in your community to help those who are facing the battle of their lifetime.  Food cards, gas cards, money to help pay the co-pay of their treatments are much more of a help then someone, somewhere wearing something pink.  I owed thousands and thousands of dollars of co-payments due to the parts that insurance didn’t cover. I just got out from under that bus a few years ago.

So, if you agree with me on taking action talk with your friends and co-workers about our new campaign idea.  The TAKE ACTION NOW campaign.  If you have a minute drop me a note as well and tell me what you think of this new idea. Share anything you wish to share. And may you have a great and healthy day today.

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