Ranting about ” Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

Cancer can grow on the inside or outside. Just like this fungus on the tree.

( I am re-releasing my series on Taking Action Against Breast Cancer as I want to wake people up to the need to take action now rather than  the” wait and see” attitude that is prevalent in our society. Please don’t wait.  Insist on care and treatment. It may save your life.”  this is a repeat of part I)

Okay this is not going to be some motivational piece or pretty picture for you to view.  This is me telling you to screw BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month.  I know I am going to upset the world as this had been the best money maker, awareness theme out there for decades, but it is outdated.

I am personally sick to death of all the pink stuff shoved down our throats for the whole month of October.  I know, hold your horses, don’t shot me yet till you see what I have to say.

This blog piece is a way for me to release my anger because I know we are missing the boat.  It should not be ” Breast Cancer Awareness” month but, Take Action Against Cancer Month.  Awareness is not enough.  There have been many people who were later diagnosed with cancer because someone said ” let’s watch it” so that IT was missed for months or years before the doctor said “okay let’s do some more tests” and then the cancer was found or when it was found it had spread.

It makes me crazy, it’s like waving a red flag in my face.  All October ” breast cancer awareness, breast cancer awareness.”  I don’t believe it is any longer about awareness, the whole world is aware. It should be about taking action.  It should be about doing something when there is something abnormally wrong with our bodies.  It should not be about waiting to see what is going to happen, being aware.  It should be about taking action now instead of waiting.

How many people out there do you personally know who have been told when ” something” was found to wait and see.  My question is why would you wait and see what is going to happen because what is going to happen is that it is going to change, possibly grow, possibly move out of it’s original site, and possibly spread to other areas.

I remember.

I am going to step back in time to when I was sitting in a conference one day and the speaker said that ” 1 in 9 women will have breast cancer in their lifetime.”  I remember looking around the room and thinking ( there were 20 of us) wow two or three of us will have breast cancer someday.

That was in 2000, and in 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  So, why do I get pissed when I hear about breast cancer awareness month?  It is because I had been AWARE for a year and a half of a lump in my breast, seen multiple providers, a surgeon twice, a breast specialist, and all said ” it is so tiny, let’s watch it, let’s monitor it, don’t worry, it is nothing.” until it turned into something.

I remember after my diagnosis this very sweet seventy year old lady that came to visit me who was part of a breast cancer survivor group.  She was part of a group of volunteers who came to your home with a little gift bag and words of encouragement before your surgery.  We talked a bit and she revealed to me that she had a lump in her other breast, and when I asked what the doctor was doing she said ” we are watching it.”  I swear those were her exact words, I mean OMG.  Do I need to say any more about my feelings.  Even today it enrages me.  Okay, okay, I know all the possible reasons of why he might watch it, but the one fact remains she had already been through cancer treatment, and I am sure she was very AWARE of her body now. Why would you wait I ask you?

Hang in there.

There are many stories about my treatment, providers, kind friends, and mishaps but that is for another time.  Right now I want everyone to get thinking and saying SCREW BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  Let’s make it TAKE ACTION AGAINST CANCER MONTH.  It doesn’t even need to be the breast, any cancer can be a killer.

Send me a quick note, just a word or two, or three if you or someone you know was told to ” wait and see, watch it.” and later had to go through cancer treatment.  Remember I personally knew of at least seven people who were told this very thing and then had to go through chemo and all that other shit that goes with it.

Cancer treatment is not for the faint of heart.  It lets you see the limits you will go to stay on this earth, to be part of the living.  It is a hellish way to find your inner strength,  to test your endurance.  Some have even said they wouldn’t do it again, despite being alive today.

Awareness is no longer acceptable.  Take action is the new theme, the new song, the new phrase.   Pass it along and share this blog.  Take control of your care, your wellness, be proactive, be strong, and don’t be afraid like I was, and live to see another day.  And let’s say SCREW CANCER AWARENESS, LET’S TAKE ACTION NOW instead.  Oh and have a great day today, you deserve it!

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