Random Acts of Kindness


even in the animal kingdom there is kindness.

I haven’t written for a while due to feeling so depressed inside.  I go through these phases sometimes,  I forget to be thankful for my blessings and get into a pity party.  But, now I am better.  Of course the news doesn’t help at all.  If I listened to that crap all day I would never come out of my depression.

What exactly is the news about these days?  I look at yahoo because I can’t believe all the garbage they put on their site.  There was over fifty articles listed, and most of it could have been left off completely.  Many were repeated over and over on the same page as if we couldn’t read the first three times they listed it.  Are they reaching for length, not depth on their site?

I have to be honest here I don’t know who the hell the Kardashiens are nor why they are in the news day after day except to show another near nude and talk about whose baby daddy is whose.  I mean really?  Is this a rag site or a news site. Do we/you care that much?

And the horrors being done to children, girlfriends, wives, strangers, and the general public are hideous.  We are turning into a world of horror stories.  Where’s the good stuff happening?  Why am I not seeing that stuff?  Do we not care if someone out there is doing a good deed?  Is no one doing any good deeds.?  And how can we become anything else when all the media shows is the worst of the worst in humanity.

Another arena is the world of politics.  I am disgusted.  I am sick to death to think that my/our tax dollars are going to fund a fishing expedition against the political parties leading our country.  I have said it before and I am going to say it again, I am so ashamed of us.  What a terrible picture we are showing the world.  What monsters we are becoming.  Do none of the politicians care about this country?  Again we aren’t hearing it are we?

There are scary things in the world.

Well I am sick to death of it all.  In order for all of us to feel better we must stop looking at this trash.  I am not saying to put your head in the sand and ignore what is going on in the world because I am not.  What I am saying is search out some of the good stories as well so that you can balance what we read in the media with what is happening that is good elsewhere.

I googled good deeds and came up with this web site.  It is short story after short story of kind deeds that were done without any requirements.  I would encourage you to take a look at this one and many others in order to lift you mood. http://www.thegooddeedsorganisation.com

Now I want you to be wary and not give any money or buy any products.  As we know there are many sites out there that are robbing people blind.  What I am saying is just READ the stories.  Look at things that will lift your spirit.  Give back to YOUR COMMUNITY.  You/we don’t have to go outside our own town as there are many in need right here at home. I make hats, there are cheap, and I give them to the veterans.  I also make knitted shawls and donate those to my local church to give to those who have no one.  It makes me feel good, and it helps others.

This is another site that looks good, lots of good articles, and a list of things you can do for others just in case you suffer from a brain freeze moment.  Take a look https://www.goodnet.org.

Remember though, don’t give MONEY.  You don’t need to do that to do a good deed.  You can give a can of food.  Donate your good used clothes, give to your local churches, food bank or homeless shelter.  You can give to a school in your area for the children.  You can give Directly without giving anyone your charge card or check book numbers.  But, I just encourage you to read the stories.

I heard where there was a site for Black Lives Matter that had collected over $700,000 and no one knows where the money went or for what, except that it went to Australia.  Again, don’t give money or buy stuff.  I just want you to read the good deeds and happy stories that are taking place everywhere.  It is not just murder and mayham.  It is people sharing and caring.

I love my country no matter what.

This site has some great current stories as well  just plug in good deeds https://www.today.com/

I can tell you I feel better already just looking at some of the sites I found for you and me.  You can plug in any term you want and come up with stuff that will bring tears to your eyes in a good way.  It will affirm the notion that there are many great people out there doing great things without asking for your money or card number.

The world is not a terrible place. The news media wants us to think that it is so that we will turn to them for protection.  After all they are in the know right?  Wrong.  The one thing I will praise President Trump for is that he has opened all our eyes to the fact that many, many news media outlets distort the news to lead us astray.  To put us in there arena when maybe we shouldn’t be there. I was shocked when my eyes were opened.  The news people of the world held a special place in my heart.  I thought they were telling the truth.  I thought they had to tell the truth.  I thank Trump for opening my eyes to that distorted perception.

If you are like me you are appalled at what is going on in the world right now.  We have the Chinese, Russian, North Koreans, and Syrians all ready to get rid of us.  And the worse thing is we cannot rely on our politicians or the news media to tell us the truth.  I watch OANN http://www.oann.com/

Look for the truth

I feel like they are giving us the truth of what is going on out there,  but at times I can’t listen to them either.  Small doses is all I can take of the news anymore.  And, I take it with a BIG grain of salt. If you know of a good station let me know.  I know some of my friends watch YOUTUBE news but again be wary of what their agenda is…who they are for…

So, for today I am going to look at some more web sites of people doing good things because there is enough out there of people doing bad things.  It is just too bad that I have to search these stories out and don’t find them in any of the bigger news stations.  I will say it is worth it to know that there are good people out there, there are great people doing great things, and their numbers are not small if you believe the statistics.

For today, and tomorrow do something nice for someone.  Notice if someone does something nice for you and say thank you.  There is a commercial where people are seen doing little good deeds.  I think it is a insurance commercial but I won’t swear to it.  I mention it in a previous blog from long ago.  Also if you look at my links page there are some good sites there as well.   So, for today as I always say ” have a great day”  and look to your blessings, there are probably a few and build on that list.  And I want to thank you if you took the time to look at my blog today.  It means a lot.

Have a great DAY!!! 

Just hang in there.

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