Racism and Genetics

” lets take care of each other.”

When I started this blog it was not about taking a stand on anything, it was to share with you some fun thoughts and pictures. But, with what is going on, and the things we are seeing in the news, I just have to say my piece.

I am appalled with the lady who was in the ANTIFA protest that was trying to insight a fellow protester into assaulting a protester from the other group. She wanted him to bash in this guy’s face. When he would not do it she called him a racist. The fact was he was white, she was black, and the other protester was white as well.  When this white person refused to smash in the face of another human being she accused him of being racist.  And then she shouted to the world that he was white, that he was a racist, and that it was in his genetics, in his DNA, to be a racist.

What horse shit!  Genetics and DNA have nothing to do with someone who is filled with hate against another race or culture.  Should I say this again, genetics and DNA have nothing to do with hating anything.  It is how we are raised.  How we are nutured as we grow up in our family network that sets the standard for hate within ourselves.  Not DNA, not genetics.

Perhaps this fellow just wanted to protest.  Maybe he wasn’t out to hurt others. Maybe he has his limits as to how he expresses his anger, and smashing someone else’s face was not on his agenda.

A newborn responds to anyone who treats it with love and takes care of it’s basic needs. The baby does not shy away from or shun the pair of black or white hands that reaches for it when it is hungry or wet.  The baby responds with love to those who care for it gently, no matter the color of those hands.

Nothing is encoded in our DNA regarding hate.  That is embedded in our PERSONALITY as we respond to our family unit, and what is required to be accepted and loved by that family unit.  As we grow into adulthood we either embrace those behaviors or we set then aside and develop our own.  HATE is a personality disorder.  It is a learned behavior.  It is what our family has pushed on us as we grow.

” admit it”

What this lady refuses to admit is that she is the one who is infested with hate.  She is the one who is a racist.  She wanted to insight harm to another human being. She wanted someone to be hurt who was white. It is not in her DNA to feel this way.  It is in her personality to hate.  I am proud of that other person who stood his ground and did not let her intimidate him into hurting another.  Kudos to him.

Can’t Americans see that some in the media, and some racist people just want to cause dissension and hate within this country.  Can’t you see how they are trying to use us for their agenda which is to divide this country rather then let it come together.

I also want to address the kneeling of ” anyone” during our national anthem.  It is appalling.  It is disrespectful.  People fill those arenas to watch a game.  To cheer for their team.  And, when it is time for the national anthem it is a time to feel a togetherness with all those who are present in that moment.

I don’t believe that most people watch and attend games because they have black or white players.  They go to watch champions have a go at each other.  They go to watch the masters of their game shine.  And, it is a time when we can forget our problems and worries, and just enjoy the skill and talent of the players.

I have always been filled with pride when I hear the national anthem or say the pledge of allegiance.  Tears fill my eyes as we all stand ” together” in that moment.  We are showing our respect for EACH OTHER, we feel united at that moment in time.  Why would anyone want to take that away from us.  There are so many other ways to show your unhappiness with society.  If the players and the league truly feel they need to take a stand then boycott playing in those cities that are out of control.  Boycott taking the money of those cities that pay your organization to come and play that have an out of control police department.  Boycott Washington. But Don’t disrespect this country.  Don’t take away from those fans who came to see you play. Don’t take away their moment of contentment at being a part of something wonderful.  Boo to you for doing that.

” what”

I grew up in Detroit in the sixties.  We all know what happened there.  I am a white person, more importantly I am an American.  I was chased across a large downtown city street, being pursued by two black youths, who were yelling at me ” come here honky” that wanted to do me harm.  I was thirteen. I had done nothing to them.  Do I hate all black youths?  No of course not.  They were idiots.  There are many idiots of all colors.  When I was eighteen and working our business was robbed by a black man pointing a gun at us.  He took our personal belongings, jewelry, purses, cash from the register, and then left. I am so glad he did not harm us. Do I hate all black men?  No, he was an asshole.  There are many assholes in the world.

I will admit that for a time I was nervous when any black youth came at me too quickly while I was growing up.  I panicked for a moment. I will tell you that any time a black man came into our business I was a little nervous for a time.  That is called PTSD.  Look it up.  It is a reaction you have after any terrible event occurs in your life. But do I hate all black people because of these events.  No I do not.  I have known many people of color who have, are, and continue to be wonderful people.  It has nothing to do with the color of their, our skin, it has to do with our personality.  ARE WE GOOD PEOPLE.  CAN WE BE GOOD AMERICANS.

For anyone who reads this blog it is important to remember not to let others form your opinions of each other just because of who we are, where we live, or the color of our skin.  Form your own opinion on how that person treated you and your family.

There are so many things in our history to shame us.  All of us.  Many races and cultures have been abused at some point in our history. But that was the past.  We can never, ever change that.  We can only learn from it, and promise to never be a part of those kinds of things again  Sadly, right now people are using those things to justify their hatred of others.  Rather then come together they choose to do harm.  Let’s not be a part of their family.  Let’s come together as our own.  Let’s come together as Americans and not accept hatred and abuse under any guise.

If you have read my earlier blogs you know that my favorite news station is One America News Network http://www.oann.com/

I challenge you to watch them.  They give you more of the story, they give you the part that other news stations do not, and they give you the facts on both sides.


If you want to shout from the roof tops about anything, make sure you know the truth.  Make sure you have all the facts.  Do not let others fill you mind with untruths, or half truths.  Be a good American.  Be in the know.  And for today have a great day because you deserve it.

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