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Don’t go outside if you want a bit of quiet. There is none out there.  It is so noisy! There are all kinds of birds chattering back and forth. Woodpeckers pounding on the trees, and hawks squawking overhead. Even the wind makes a whooshing noise as it blows past my ears. And the dogs! Dam, who knew there were so many dogs!  They howl and bark all along my trail while they lay hidden in their little homes standing guard. It was enough to make me want to go back inside.

What happened to the quiet of the great outdoors?  Actually I think it is spring that is happening. Yes, spring is here.  The grass is starting to green up.  The trees have lots of buds on them, and every road and highway has lawncare trucks speeding here and there.

Despite all the noise I do love the great outdoors.  I love the smell of the earth and the grass.  It is the best tranquilizer for me.  And, I don’t really mind the dogs. I feel sorry for them really because they are trapped inside while Tess and I are out and about.  I hope their owners take them out so they can feel the breeze and snuffle the earth.  Tess loves to snuffle, and it can take quite awhile to go our three and a half miles on some days there so much to smell.

I feel so blessed to have this great place to call home.  I feel safe.  I have a great town to live in, and a great country to call my own.  Sometimes we forget to be thankful, most times really.  But all we have to do is look around, and then look at the news, and you will see what I mean.


Oh things aren’t perfect.  No way.  But we have it so much better then so many. Just having clean drinking water is more then a large part of the world.  I am sure there are those out there who could go tit for tat with me about this great country and throw out lots of insults.  I say go where you think it is better. And I also say to you there isn’t any place.

There is still so much mud slinging going on in the high world of politics that I think those people forget that they work for us.  All of us.  Why don’t they get about doing their jobs and fix the things that they can, and argue later.  It is just like a bad marriage sometimes when you read the news.  It’s all about he said, she said, he did, she did.  I say stop and just do what you said you were going to do.  Let the shit lay and get on with it.

I am just one little person in this big wide world but I wish I could tell the leaders to be leaders.  Show us what you can do.  Do what you said you were going to do when you took the job.  We need good leaders.  Actually, we need great leaders, and I know they are out there.  Come forward and stand up for this great country where we have clean air, clean water, energy, and safety.

I know, I know, this country isn’t perfect but it is ours.  I have been to other places in the world and there isn’t anywhere I’d rather be.  Where would you rather be?  Go there if there is somewhere else you would rather be.  Don’t pollute our environment with your unhappiness.  If you aren’t willing to make it a better place then shut up and leave.

I thought it was pretty funny when all those “stars” said they were going to leave if Trump won the election.  I see they are still here!  What happened? Are they afraid they would lose their following.  They might.  What is it they do that is so great other then entertaining us?  What are their causes?  Where does their millions go?  Who do they support?  Who do they help?

from a distance this looked like a cross made by nature

How did I go from walking in the woods to this?  I’ll tell you. It makes me mad to always hear the negative about our country when it is the greatest place in the world.  Do you ever think when you are out walking and a plane flies overhead that it might drop a bomb on you? Of course not!  We live in a better place then that. But, there are lots of people who take cover when they see a plane overhead.

I love the earth and all the gifts it has to offer. I love this country, and all the things it gives to us.  And I wish we were ”

Image result for pledge of allegiance
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  That is what we pledge isn’t it.  That is what we say to show our support.

We are lucky that we can be anything.  We can do anything.  We can even talk bad about this great place if we want too.  And, we can choose to make it a better place by being a better person.  I always say I don’t want to hear the words, I want to see it in your behavior.  Don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me!

So, back to nature.  I love to be outside.  I love the sun shining down on my skin.  I even loved the snow flakes that fell on me last week while I was out walking with Tess.  We are blessed.  Yes indeed. We are blessed.  We need to make a list of all the things we are grateful for.  If you have trouble ask someone for help in making your list.  And, if you need help ask someone as well.  There are so many groups and organizations that are willing to help those in need. The Salvation Army is a great one, take a look at their web site, they help everyone http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/ So many people paying it forward.  Be one of those instead of one of the whiners.  And then we can be ” one Nation under God, indivisible. with liberty, and justice for all.

Have a great day, in this great place, and if it is not a great place, then make it one.

flags come in many shapes



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