Pushing People. Shoving Back!

We the people!

Let’s push our way through, let’s shove anyone who gets in our way, lets kick them to the curb.  Boy oh boy was our new press secretary a great example of the ” American Way”, if you can’t get past, push them out of your way.  Use physical force if you have too.  Here is one of the articles about this incident.  https://www.businessinsider.my/trump-press-secretary-fight-pushed-north-korean-aides-stephanie-grisham-2019-6/  not a pretty thing to watch.

I will admit here that we had/have every right to get the news out to the people.  We have a duty to present good news coverage (hear that news people). But, when the opportunity was there to show that we ARE GREAT, what do we see but one female representative of our country, of our leader, acting like she was in a barroom, instead of presenting a dignified front to the world who was watching.

I suppose because she is the new kid on the block she felt she had to show her stuff.  Demonstrate to the world that we Americans aren’t going to let anyone push us around.  Huh!!

Well I for one am very disappointed at what I saw.  Yes it was a monumental event but what will people of the world take away from this event.  The bar room behavior of our new press secretary.  In a world where women are still looked down to in many places, this lady was going to show them she wasn’t going to be pushed to the curb.  Never mind good manners, never mind not making a fool out of yourself, and never mind that you are representing US, the American people, she had her moment.

If one thing has been said about Trump, and first let me say I voted for him, it is that he is a bully in every sense of the word.  Well our new press secretary showed that she fits right in with that description.  I am saddened by that.  Another flaw for the Democrats to focus on instead of what they can do for the American people.

The political arena right now is worse then I have ever seen it.  I can not tell you one thing that the Democratic party has accomplished since Trump got into office except the political shit they have thrown our way.  This has gone on for years and I am sick to death of it.  I hate to turn on the television because I don’t want to see the bile flowing out of their mouths.

I believe that the new candidates think if they spew shit like their predecessors then they will win favor with the people.  I hope that is not the case.  I hope that we the people can see that they are just running their mouths and not telling us anything we haven’t heard before which is that  THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE CHANGES.  But what they leave off is how they will really follow through on their promises.

Can they not focus on how they are going to improve the American peoples lot in life?  Can they not focus on telling us how they can and will improve our reputation?

It is easy to say you are going to do this or you are going to do that, we’ve heard that for years, but what we are not hearing is “how” are they going to do any of it.

The theme seems to be repeat, and repeat, the same old song, never mind what the words might mean. Politicians have spouted off for years during election year that  they are the one to choose.  That we need to pick then because they are going to make a difference, but they never say how they are going to accomplish these differences, or who will pay for these differences.

One thing I know is that if any politician is going to make a change, it is going to cost the American people.  You can’t tout ” insurance for everyone” when you haven’t detailed who will pay for this insurance.  And forget Bernie Sanders and his socialized world views.  All that does it let those who have money get the best of everything, ” oh wait, that is how it is here anyway.”  and those with no money get the worst.

When Obama tried to make insurance affordable for everyone, what he left out was that everyone, just like those who have always had insurance coverage, will always have a deductible that they have to pay, either before, or after the visit.  The problem with “insurance for everyone” is who will pay this deductible.  That is why Obama’s idea didn’t work.  The poor can not afford the premiums and they can’t afford the deductible.  Who lost out in that deal?  The providers.  They didn’t get their money and the collection agencies had a hay day.  Although they too could not collect blood from a turnip.

I’m thinking of moving out of the states.  I want to go somewhere that does not have all the anger and hatred toward it’s leaders and each other.  Is there even such a place?  I think I will go to the moon when they start sending people.  If you are one of the first maybe it will be a peaceful place for awhile.  But seriously.  Let’s band together to become great Americans for each other.  Let’s expect our leaders, and each other to respect everyone.  Let’s look toward the good that we can do for this country, and each other.  And let’s not let our leaders make a fool of us.  If you expect high standards you will get quality.  If you expect goodness, that is what you will receive, and if you expect honesty, then you too will be an honest person.

Let’s band together and pledge our allegiance to each other and this country. Let’s not forget that there is so much greatness still here at home.  It all starts with ourselves.  Here is the pledge.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn6MnYJNSUw

Here are the words.

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.


I love this country.






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