Outlander: What a let down!

My heart burns for you.

I am sick to death of the news and all the hatred that is being spit at us.  I am changing up the topic.  I want to talk about the most recent Outlander program that was shown this past Sunday titled A.Malcolm.  It was terrible.  Totally disappointing.  What is wrong with the producers or whoever it is that decides how they will convert the book version to television.  I don’t think these guys/gals know anything about love, including Caitirona Balfe.

Let me say that the book series was and is my all time favorite.  I have read all the books at least 5 times.  When I get bored or lonely I pull out the first book and start again.  It is an escape, it takes me to a place in my heart I wish I could go. The love in the story is endless, and timeless.

I know that there is too much personal emotion evoked for the readers while reading the books to be able to transfer that to television.  But, the one time that Starz could have pulled off one of our deepest moments was utterly disappointing.

Surely no one who has read the series was satisfied with Claire and Jamie’s first meeting.  I mean here is a woman who was in love to the depth of her soul with a man from another time, who she believed for twenty years was dead, standing right there before her very eyes and all she can do is look teary eyed.  What a joke!  What a disappoint!  What a loss to awards everywhere.

They took a moment that was so special and could have said so much with little words, and Claire gets teary eyed.  Who believes that would have been the real emotion.  If it was me I would have clutched that banister with all my might gaping at Jamie with tears flowing down my face as we stared at each other, disbelieving that the other was standing there before us. I would have rushed down the stairs and ran right up to him almost bowling him over with my nearness as he gaped at me. And I at him. And then I would have reached out and lightly touched him as if touching a ghost so that this  apparition before me didn’t disappear.

I am so disappointed

And then at that moment when Jamie realized that his dream, that the vision he had had so many times of Claire’s presence was a reality when she reached out and touched his arm. Then, and only then would realization shown on both their faces as tears washed down Claire’s face, and Jamie fainted at her feet. That would have been the best way to show their reunion.  Everything after that including the sex would have reinforced the depth of their feelings for each other.

Yes we wanted the passion and the great sex scenes.  But the depth of their emotion in that first moment together should have surpassed any further scenes of passion and unfolding that had occurred.

Again, I know that it is hard to convey a whole book series of love and emotions onto the television screen but, we have to see the emotions that grip us in the books, laid before us on the television, to fall in love with the characters again.

I know that all of the faithful readers of the book series fell deeply in love with Jamie, and Claire, as well as all the other characters.  We need to have that love evoked again on the screen and if I wouldn’t have read the book series I wouldn’t feel the love now.  Claire is stiff.  Jamie would not have fallen in love with her in the books.  She has no energy, she has no excitement.  She really has no passion except in the bed. She either pouts, smiles on occasion, or just puckers her lips for emphasis.  I don’t feel her emotions.  I don’t see her passion in her personality.

Let love show through.

The book series was GREAT.  For a reader it is the best.  The television series is GREAT with all the beauty, costumes, and scenery.  I am in love with the recreation of the different times they have been able to include in the series.  But, the most important for the reader/watcher is the feelings that is conveyed to us.  The feelings we have attached to the characters as the story unfolds, and the love we feel toward the main characters.

I wish I could consult on that show.  I wish I could explain to them how to show us the emotional part of the characters.  They are not doing that.  Maybe they didn’t read the series.  Maybe they have never felt love.  Maybe they didn’t fall in love with Jamie and Claire’s love story.  But, to do the show justice we need to see more of their emotions, and less of the scenery.

I love the Outlander series.  I love Jamie’s character in the book.  I loved Claire in the book as I witnessed the story unfold.  I have never been so touched by a book or by the characters in any book.  I am sure many people have wanted to travel to Scotland to find their Jamie.  Probably many have stood at the standing stones wanting to travel back and find him.  That is how powerful the books are.

As producers they need to hear that, see that, and try to recreate not only the scenes but the emotions as well.  Never would the real Claire have stood there and looked teary eyed at Jamie.  She would have rushed forward and gripped him with all her might.  The moment in time that they both craved and longed for over eons was finally before them, and all we get is a teary eyed look…..

I am available if they want to consult with me on the show. After all I know the characters.  I know how their passion feels.  I know how the readers would like the characters presented on screen.  When you read the books, and then write the script find those moments of ” feeling” in the scenes as well and recreate that, not just the naked lust.

And to those of you who haven’t read the books or seen the show do both, but keep in mind that there is way too much emotion in the books to display on screen.  You will fall in love with Jamie, and Sam does him justice.

So as I always say.  Take care of you. Enjoy a book or show, and have a great day.  And for the producers I will wait to hear from you.

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