One week!!!!

why always cake?

why always cake?

I’ve made it one week.  Hurray for me!  I’ve not had one tiny morsel of sugary sweets since last Monday.  Need I say that there have been sweets everywhere since I gave them up. Everywhere. It’s like when you buy a certain kind of car and then you see them everywhere. The worse place has been my job.  Every time I walk into work there is candy sitting close by on the counter. People bringing in donuts.  And, there was an ice cream social last Thursday. It has been hell!!!!!

Please don’t look down your nose at me. A sugar addiction is just as hard to give up as some of the other stuff.  I love sweets.  Many times through the day I have thought about having something sweet.  It’s awful.   For crying out loud I am 65 years old.  I should be in better control.

One of my excuses to make or buy sweets was ” for the grandkids”  hell by the time I saw them the crap was all gone.  Right down through my colon. And this is the worse time of year.  Actually there are many, and they all involve giving and eating sugarier snacks, cakes, and chocolate.  I love chocolate.

I will admit that I feel less hungry then when I am eating sweets.  I have been eating better foods.  Walnuts, sunflower seeds, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, olives, chicken, and tuna.  I really want to be a healthier me.  If you have read my earlier blogs I’ve had my ups and downs.  So, I’d rather stay up.

I know you young people think that when you get old you will not have to worry about your body or your health.  I know when I was young I never “worried.”  Oh I wanted to look like a fashion model, I didn’t, but I didn’t worry.  I just took it for granted that all things would be good. Huh!! to that. I walk almost everyday and there is this little lady I see every morning walking as well.  She is 95 years old.  Can you believe it, walking to stay healthy at 95.

Share some healthy snacks.

Share some healthy snacks.

My sugar addiction started in early childhood.  My mother loved sweets.  Store bought, she didn’t bake, and I can remember her eating these wonderfully sweet honey buns with her coffee.  I still love those things.  Part of the story though is that when we didn’t have any food in the house, we were really poor a good part of my childhood,  I would survive on bread, butter, and sugar sandwiches. Nothing pepped me up like two or three of those babies.  I’d run in the house and scarf those down and away I’d go.  Peanut butter too.  I’d eat spoons of it right out of the jar.

So, I blame all my sugar troubles on the past.  Of course.  That is what we all do.  But the past is past and now I need to quit it.  The shit isn’t even good for us.  The sugar industry is making a zillion dollars a year on all the sugar addicts. And we let them.

I do have to admit here that I have started using honey.  I know, I know it is a sweet. But, it is a natural sweetner with so many health benefits.  For me personally I don’t think it taste that great.  Sweet but not satisfying like a gooey donut or cake.  I am sure you have heard of drinking a hot toddy when ill to help your cold or sore throat.  Tea, honey, and a dollop of whiskey.  I don’t do the whiskey, I use lemon. Also if you use local honey it is said to help your allergies, and some homeopaths say it’s a good antibacterial for wounds. I looked at this site and thought it had some good information.

The brand I started using is Thrifty Bee from Barkman Honey and if you want to look at the site click here  it is a internationally recognized company.    It you want to read a really great book that covers some bee stuff with a great storyline read ”  THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES by Sue Monk Kidd.  Did I say it is a great story?

It is important for us to bring motivational resources into our life to keep us on track.  I need daily reminders of what I am suppose to be doing.  It is hard, isn’t it.

I'm so full.

I’m so full.

Another resource that has opened my eyes is the book by David Zinczenko titled ” ZERO BELLY DIET”   Yes, I have a fat belly.  Always have even when I weighed 112.  My ex attended a family reunion once years ago and was kind enough to point out that “we” all had fat little bellies.  It has been a sore spot my whole life.  I hated that I couldn’t wear those cute little crop tops when I was young.  Long shirts for me or layers.  We all have our hang ups, right.

Anyway, I did do the Zero Belly Diet for awhile, lost about ten pounds, felt great, then went back to eating my sweets, and that was my downfall.  The pounds came back on and I haven’t stopped shoveling it in.  I will tell you that the information in the book is really good.  He gives lots of health information which is motivation for me. And, one big thing he addresses is the demon drug sugar.  We just don’t need it.

There are so many good foods for us that taste pretty dam good once your get rid of the sugar breath.  I remember the last time I gave up sweets and then went back to it.  For the first couple of days the sweets tasted like shit.  There was no flavor, only a sickening sweet taste.  I ate it anyway waiting for that delicious, satisfying taste to return. It was pitiful.  I should have stopped then but I didn’t.

I will admit that after a week  I really do feel better.  I am going to carry around Zinczenko’s book as a reminder to stay in control, and to remind me I need to lose some extra poundage.

For your struggles find a motivator to support you along your journey.  Any change is hard. Hard isn’t even a good enough word, but, it can be done ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Hang in there through the holidays.  And instead of over indulging in food and drinks, over indulge in people.  Surround yourself with people who care. It doesn’t have to be family.  It could be anyone who shares the same burden that you do.  And have a great day.

hang with a friend.

hang with a friend.



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