Don’t be out in the cold, be in the know.

I  never realized that news stations, and news networks could be so bias.  I am shocked by the way they distort the real news to suit their own agenda. I obviously come from the world of dreams because I always believed that everyone who told us the news were telling us the truth.  I did not realize that they would tweak that information to sway us to THEIR way of thinking.  How naive I have been!

I must say that before Donald Trump got into the election and became our next president I did not pay attention to the news.  I never watched it.  I didn’t know anything about what was going on in the world. Now, I can’t get enough, and like I said, I am appalled at the distortions and omissions that are presented to us on a daily basis.

One American News is the best channel out there.  This is not a promotion, it is a fact. They give us all the stories from around the world.  They challenge the “truth.” I suggest to everyone to watch the different networks for a day and actually keep track of the stories they present, and the twists they add to them for their own agenda, and then decide if what I say isn’t true.  I am amazed.  I can barely look at Yahoo anymore it is so one sided. Need I mention all the important stuff they leave out.  Really. There is so much shit going on that we need to be kept in the know.  I don’t want the news channels to give us their watered down or hyped up version.  I just want the TRUTH.  Is that too much to ask? I don’t want the media to distort the news to cloud our judgement.  I want them to tell us the TRUTH, and give us the facts, nothing more.

There is a lot of things happening that the American people should have access too.  There is so much going on in the world, and not necessarily in a good way, that we need to be alert.  It is time to stop playing at politics pitting one against the other, and bring this great country together.  I fear that a time is coming that we will all need to ban together to survive.  Let’s stop all the lies and half truths and give it to us straight.  We can take it. And you in the media will survive if you do.

I am glad that Donald Trump has come along to shake us all up.  To make us aware of the control the news, and the shifty politicians have held on the public for so long.  That whole Iraq thing opened my eyes to how devious politicians and the media truly are.  They distorted the truth, filled the news media outlets with lies, and tricked the American people.  That must never happen again.  Right now Syria appears to be a similar story. Depending on who and what station you listen too there are devils in Syria trying to destroy the people, and there are devils helping them do it, namely us.

The truth is out there.

One America News ran a story about Syria.  It was very enlightening.  I suggest you watch it.  It sounds like they are pulling another Iraq making up stories that are not true to push through THEIR agenda.  It is really scary….

So, what can you do except stop watching. Tell the news stations your opinions of their content, and coverage.  Let them know if you are unhappy with their story presentations. Write a blog.  Send a complaint.  Share your opinions with friends about the “good  stations to watch. Do not let the media, and the crappy politicians sway you to their side without good, true, information as it’s basis.

I was so appalled at what Rowlings did in her tweet, blog, whatever you want to call it.  To out right lie, slam another countries leader, and then refuse to apologize is beyond acceptable.  She is on my shit list for sure.  I hope she is on many.  Who does she think she is?  How dare she use her standing in the literary world to distort the truth, and try to sway others to her hateful opinions.  I am going to ask everyone I know NOT to buy her books anymore. She doesn’t deserve our money or our loyalty if she can not be an honest person. Just because she is famous does not give her the right to distort the truth.

So start watching the news with an open and questioning mind. Ask yourself if what they say is true.  Watch different versions of the same story, and then ask yourself what could be the truth.  Find a station that you believe has credible news people, don’t just go with the local favorites.

I personally am still waiting to hear what has happened to that IT worker that was busted trying to run off to Pakistan.  Why is the media so quiet about that? Why are they not talking about the two people connected with the Clinton investigation who supposedly committed suicide.  They mentioned it, then dropped it. Have you seen the documentary about the Clinton body count, suicide seems to be the standing theme with those folks.

As a consumer of the news I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Is that so hard to do?  You can still be famous presenting the real news.  It doesn’t have to be fake news.  You can get our attention with the real stuff.  Now that is sensational.

Look for the truth

So to add my usual motivation twist to my story, be in the know, educate yourself, find good resources and go with them, and don’t trust the leaders, any leaders, of being the perfect person we think they should be.  Find out the truth for yourself. Don’t let others form YOUR opinions. Form your own, trust your instincts, and then feel good about your choices.  If you don’t search out the truth then you can’t complain when you are faced with a pack of lies.

And as I always say, have a GREAT day today, as it may be all we have.

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