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Dam, I worked up the worse headache yesterday and today. My head is pounding and I think I am going to have a heart attack. I can’t believe the technology that is at everyone’s fingertips right at this very moment.  You need to have a PhD in order to figure it out, or be ten years old.  I am much older then ten, you know that if you’ve read any of my blog. What a nightmare!

Helpful hints.

I wanted to add PayPal to my blog because I have three neat little items that I would love to offer to everyone.  They are my creations.  My little babies.  After hours of sitting on my butt screwing things up, talking to numerous peeps, and getting carpal tunnel, I thought I was going to commit harakiri getting those buttons added to their pages.  How does anyone even keep up with this stuff?  And to figure it out on your own takes real tenacity.  I will say I am definitely tenacious.  I get crazy mad when I can’t do something, partly because I have no one to help me.  All my helpers ” are busy”  ” maybe later.” You know the excuses.

Anyway I spent the whole day yesterday and part of today and finally got everything right.  I will admit to a bit of pride at this moment.  I felt the same when I finally got my blog setup.  No one had the ” time” for me so I muddled my way through, called every help line, cried a little, okay a lot, googled everything, I love goggle, and here is my blog now.  I just wish I could make it lovelier but I am not ready to tackle that job, or screw up a good thing.  So what you see is what you get.

When I look at others blogs, or see all the fancy do dads on their sites I am so impressed.  Now I know some people pay to have theirs done but I am not at that point.  Things that annoy me about some of the blogs is all the pop-ups and advertisements attached.  The messages in the blogs get lost in all the traffic running through.  If there is too much I won’t even read it.  So keep that in mind fellow bloggers.  We all want to make a little dough but, the distractions send people away.

Awesome meditation.

I want to thank google for all the great information at my fingertips, and definitely all those people who put in the time to create their sites to make life easier.  What would all of us do without all those wonderful people?  YouTube is awesome as well. You can learn or read about anything.  How fabulous is that!

So my message for today, and I always have a message, is don’t give up.  Don’t throw in the towel when you are feeling overwhelmed or can’t get things done.  Take a breather, give yourself a day to let go of the stress, use all the resources at hand, and try again.

What I have personally found is that in my struggles there is always a  message for me contained within my struggle.  Probably that I need to be more patient, that I need to trust in myself that I can get the job done, as you can too, and that I have to understand that sometimes people really are busy and not at my beck and call.   Sometimes we want things in a ” New York minute” but things don’t always follow that route.

You can do whatever it is that you have set out to do.  Just be patient and trust yourself.  And really, there are some great resources out there if you just take the time to use them.  So,, for today have a great day, and take a look at my sale items.  All are meant to help, even the little treasure trove necklace. The gems are beautiful.  Each one is almost a carat. They are meant to bring a little harmony into your life. Everyone needs a little harmony right.


Beautiful gems.



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