Medicare for All: Bullshi-!!

Be in the know.

I am quite aware that many of you are not at an age where you have started worrying about Medicare.  I get that.  I am an old lady who is still working so I have been thinking about these things a lot.  Should I get part A, part B, part C, part D, and/or gap insurance  It’s quite a dilemma for us oldies as our minds are not always as sharp, and all the dam commercials about medicare have us scared shitless. And now Bernie Sanders and others are chanting for medicare for all.

Is anyone really aware of what medicare cost or what it covers.  One VERY big thing I learned as I was looking at all my options is that if you want to collect your social security benefits, and most of us do, WE HAVE TO ACCEPT medicare part A or we lose our social security benefits.  Yep that’s right.  And, if you don’t accept part A and have already started collecting social security then you will have to pay it all back.  I’m talking about the money that you have thus far collected.

This section was taken right off a web site about “Opting out of Medicare Part A and if  you did it would render you ineligible to collect Social Security and if you’ve already started collecting Social Security, you would be responsible for refunding all the money you received. This rule stems from Hall v. Sebelius, in which three retired federal employees receiving Social Security Retirement benefits wanted to drop their Medicare Part A coverage. The ruling was against the retirees, citing the original law Congress enacted when creating the Medicare program. The judge said, “requiring a mechanism for plaintiffs and others in their situation to ‘dis-enroll’ would be contrary to congressional intent, which was to provide ‘mandatory’ benefits under Medicare Part A for those receiving Social Security Retirement benefits.”

I am a federal employee with GREAT BCBS health insurance.  I have almost 2o years of service, 40 or more paying for BCBS, and I can not keep them as my primary insurer once I retire ( for hospital coverage that is.) In other words I have to allow Medicare part A to become my primary insurer regardless of what I want.

We are all stuck on the same road.

That’s right.  I know this because I was thinking of dropping medicare part A because they have some interesting restrictions and my insurer is better.  Doesn’t matter.  I have to go with Medicare part A or give back, give up, my social security benefits that I HAD to pay toward my whole life. End of story.

I strongly suggest you look at what the people are preaching when they say Medicare for all.  If I have medicare part A  which I am stuck with, and I go in the hospital then I have to pay $1403 up front BEFORE medicare pays anything ( that is a year) and you have to follow the ALLOWABLE charges. And, my great BCBS becomes my secondary, for the same premium, and they pay only 20% of the allowable charges for that hospitalization which does not include that $1403.

Is it a lot to think about, certainly.  How many of the old and poor can pay $1403 up front for their hospital stay?  I couldn’t, I’d have to put it on a charge card, which is how many of the poor, and elderly live.

I say forget the dam Medicare for all.  Let’s look at giving people health insurance coverage that will not put them in the poor house just for being ill.  Let’s get congress to push the insurance companies to work on a sliding scale, a real sliding scale where we can afford to get better when we get sick, and not end up having to choose between our food budget or our hospital bill.

Have a great day anyway.

I’m sorry if I’ve ruined your day.  I have been pissed since I read that part about paying back the money I have already been paid if I give up part A.  How can the government do that?  Wait..Think about it.  The government can do anything…So for today just try to have a good day, you deserve it.  And for everyone out there start thinking about a better plan of care for all us.  One that doesn’t break the bank.  Theirs and ours.


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