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Okay, I am going to start off telling you I have had diarrhea for the last two days brought on by my disgusting sugar overload. Yes, I am confessing again, I pigged out big time.  I shoveled those sweets in so fast I can’t even tell you what I ate.  It was a nightmare.  So, to end this paragraph I am just going to say that YES I am going to begin again….No more sweets.

Now on to what I really want to talk about.  The ugly truth about insurance. This is aimed at the middle to older folks, so, you youngsters can go play some video games.

My co-workers and I just came to the realization that once we retire, and I am dam close, we DO HAVE TO BUY PLAN B of the medicare insurance program even though we may have had Blue Cross and Blue Shield for years or some other insurance provider.  That’s right.  Our primary insurance provider will automatically become our secondary provider and medicare takes over once we retire. We have no say in this. We can not choose to have our primary provider stay our primary. It automatically becomes our secondary, automatically. You either get Part B of the medicare program or you are screwed.

What does that mean?  For me it means that Blue Cross Blue Shield will only cover 20% of my future medical expenses once I retire because they automatically become my secondary provider.  Medicare becomes my primary, and if I purchase PART B they only pay 80% of allowable charges period.  So, if you don’t have a secondary provider, and you don’t purchase PART B you will pay 100% of your medical bills for the remainder of your retired life.  Part A is free and pays only a small amount of allowable charges for in hospital treatment only.  Let’s not forget to mention the deductions that we will have to pay for that hospital stay.


Shocking I know.  But it is the truth. Even though one of the highlights for being a state or federal employee is that you get to keep you insurance provider. What they neglect to mention “ever” is that your primary insurance provider will become your secondary insurance provider next to medicare. And, you will get it at the same rate that you paid when still employed, the coverage goes down to only 20% paid for allowable charges, but the fee stays the same.

If you have ever heard of gap insurance that is what they are talking about.  A provider that will cover that 20% that medicare PART A AND B does not cover.  And, just so you know your medications aren’t covered by PART B so you need some other provider who covers medications.  Thus, for state and federal employees we can keep our primary insurance provider, at the same rate, but they will then become our secondary provider, and only cover 20%, and our medications if we are lucky.

It sounds like socialized medicine to me.  We are forced to take PART B or find another insurance company that will agree to become your primary provider once we retire.  I can promise you that it will cost you an arm and a leg if you go that route.  Just try to get insurance coverage that is worth a dam when you are old and have health issues.  Not going to happen.

Now, I know some of you are saying I don’t care I am healthy as a horse.  I am not going to get PART B or a gap policy, to hell with them.  And, what I will say to you is it will only take one catastrophic medical issue to take your home and your bank account.  When I had cancer my treatment costs were out the window.  One shot of Nypregyn cost $2100, and I had to get a shot with each chemo treatment because my white cell count would drop dangerously low.

surgery table

One hospital stay without good insurance coverage and you could end up in the poor house.  And don’t think you will turn your stuff over to your kids and be safe because now your stuff has to belong to them for at least ten years or the IRS and your creditors can still take your stuff.

Have I made your day? Doesn’t this piss you off.  Me too.  I was so smug thinking I didn’t need to worry about more health insurance because I got to keep my provider when I retired.  We all bragged and laughed about it until we learned the truth.  So, now I have to plan on paying another $105 a month, if that will be the rate when I retire, for insurance coverage out of my social security retirement money.

I can only say I am glad I found out this information before I actually retired because you only have eight months after retirement to get PLAN B at the standard rate.  If you don’t get it by then you are penalized and will have to pay more for the rest of your retired life.

It you don’t believe me check it out.  Ask direct questions.  Perhaps you will get the correct answer, or maybe not.  In the federal employee insurance handbook it states ” you do not have to get PLAN B you can keep your insurance.”  but then later in another section it does state that your primary provider will become your secondary provider once you retire.  So those assholes would like you to think you have complete coverage when in reality your provider will only be paying 20% of your covered health benefits, and without PLAN B or some other gap insurance you will be paying 80% out of pocket.

Sorry to spoil your day.  I just had to get this out to you.  I am still in shock, and pissed. Lucky for me I plan on working for several more years, or maybe until I am ninety so I have time to brood.  If you don’t believe me look into it. Make sure you know EXACTLY what your employee representatives are telling you. They may or may not know the truth either.

Well I better go, I have to get ready for work, so be in the know and try to have a great day despite this shitty news.

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