Life is Amazing!

look at the beauty, then think of all the tiny parts.

Good morning. It’s five am and I found I could not sleep any longer and wanted to talk to you.  My co-workers and I were talking the other morning, I work nights, it was early, and sometimes we go on and on about stuff.  Anyway, we were talking about how AMAZING life is.  What a wonder the world around us really is.  We all agreed that the people of the world, most of them anyway, have lost the wonder of life.

In this great time we take life, and it’s gifts for granted.  Just think of that phone that you use constantly.  Texting, talking, and searching the world over with just the tip of your finger, or in some people’s case, the tip of their thumb.  Does it ever strike you as AMAZING that those words are shot out into the great unknown, reaching their destination in a microsecond or faster.  Doesn’t that stop your clock for minute?

It does my friends and I, and that was the topic of our conversation.  Stuff.  The gigantic mass of information, communication, and whatever else you want to call it that is hurling through space and time, and us, to reach it’s point of contact.  How the f–k does that happen?  Really, how does it?  Have you ever thought about it?

Here we stand and all these different waves of light, sound, etc are zooming around and through us.  Yep right between, or maybe through, our tiny little cells.  You know that if you broke down the human body, actually everything, there is a tiny space in between each atom.  We really are an open book, in the sense of space that is.

the details, who created this?

How can we not be amazed at this?  As the world spins on it’s axis the organisms that inhabit this great big ball stay planted on it’s surface instead of being flung into the great big sky.  I know, I know, we call it gravity.  But how is that even possible?  Do you think of it?  What if it changed?

As I am writing on this computer people anywhere in the world could be reading my words and talking to me.  How?  It’s amazing.

What about life itself?  At what point did the me, of me, gain entrance into my cells to become me?  I mean when does that happen, and where am I until that point.  Am I anywhere at all? Am I anything?  Don’t you wonder about stuff like that?

I think we should wonder about stuff like that.  We should wonder and be amazed.  We should ask the great questions that all the great minds have asked for eons.  We must push science and the discovery of stuff to the forefront of education.  We must teach our children to be amazed by what is laid before them.  How else will they reach out and discover new things for us. For themselves and their future.

We must not take life or things around us for granted.  We must hold them in high esteem and wonder at their greatness.  Life is amazing.  The things that we humans have created thus far are amazing.  We must teach our children how amazing these things are.


Take your children on field trips.  Show them what is out there.  Visit a science department at your local school or university.  Visit an entomology department.  Look at the world of bugs.  Wow, what  amazing creatures.  Look at the ocean and the life that inhabits that realm.  Take your children to a symphony somewhere so they can hear how amazing real, live music makes you feel.  How it vibrates through those tiny spaces in between your cells.

And fill them, and yourself with wonder.  I believe that in order to stop the chaos that is going on right now we need to gain back our wonder of life.  And then we need to share it.  Each one of us is something special created for this pile of stuff we call our body.  We need to be reminded to respect it, and each other.

This pile of cells called me was created for me.  Why?  How did I get inside?  How are we able to create the things we have and not be amazed.  I believe that we earthlings are a special breed, probably one of many in this great place we call our universe.

I saw a show about space that said there are “more universes out there then all the grains of sand, on all the beaches of the world.”  Say it slowly “More then all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. ” THINK ABOUT IT.  

even the sky is amazing.

Astounding, that is what we are.  That is what this great world is.  My one wish is that we all come together as earthlings, not Americans or Canadians, or anything else.  We are earthlings and we need to love our great home called earth.  We must come together to protect what we have as one “people”  not separate people, and bring the amazement back into our lives and our children’s lives.   That is what needs to be done.

So for today, pick up a science book, a zoology book, an oceanography book, or even human anatomy.  Life is amazing.  Share that amazement with your children, and for today, have a great day, you deserve it.



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I am amazed by life, mostly the world of animals, nature, and things around us. People not so much. Oh, they amaze me. And, I see them. But it is the other things I reach for in a time of stress. And if I am lucky I have my camera handy..
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