It’ embarrassing!

berries are better

It’s so embarrassing to be so stuck.  Every single day I think, no, want to devour something sweet.  I even thought of just having something, and then just lying about it to you, and everyone. But who would I be kidding, just myself.

I have a box of cookies sitting on my dining room table that I got as a gift when I bought a mattress set for my granddaughter on Tuesday. A box of stale cookies for spending four hundred dollars. I keep looking at that dam box. I keep wanting a cookie even though I know the cookies are going to taste like crap.  I mean how many days did they sit around the store for God’s sake before they were given to me.

I am sure they are loaded with preservatives and would probably last a year if I left them out on the table.  I don’t care though, they keeping calling me.  And to show I am such a smart ass I bought a bag of Christmas Rollos and have them sitting out in a Christmas candy bowl for the ” grand kids.”

try some greens

Yesterday at work there were mini cheese cake bites, cinnamon rolls and candy on the counter when I walked in. Dam it.  It’s like the world is trying to torture me.

The last time I gave up sweets then caved, I remember buying a candy bar and eating it as fast as I could by the candy machine so no one would see me.   So no one would know I failed. Hiding out like a criminal.  Shameful.  And if you think I am kidding, I am not!

I love sweets but there is no nutritional reason to eat them other than pleasure, they sure aren’t healthy.  How did this get to be such a problem?  I like to blame it on all the packaged sweets that are available.  There must be thousands to choose from.  I mean who buys a bag of carrots when they are starving, right.  We go right for the quick sugar high.

I have lost a pound this last week. That is something.  And, I do feel better, not so tired. If I had to be honest I would admit that all in all I am glad that I have made it ten days without sugar.  It is liberating not to mention the money I saved by staying away from the vending machine.  So, I suppose that I will keep going. Like I said, ONE DAY AT A TIME. But it is a bitch.

Have faith in yourself that whatever trial or tribulation you are struggling with can be conquered.  It just takes persistence.  Repeat along with me ” I can do this, I can do this.”   And we can.  Have a great day.

don’t stuff your face today


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