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Okay folks I am adding a new page to my blog titled  ” In My Attic” which will be one of a kind antiques and the such up for grabs.  Now some of the stuff won’t be ” one of a kind” in the whole world, just one of a kind to me, although some will be very unique and special.  I will compile this list for you to browse through in the very near future.  I will give you a peek right now at one very special item I purchased in Germany in 2006.

My sister and I made the trip to see her children as she had lived there for 17 years and her grown children choose to stay behind when she left.  And, it was my treat to myself since I was now  (at that time and going strong) free of cancer.

these are the original pieces.

This is a lovely handmade chess set that I just had to have at the time.  I don’t even play chess, but fell in love with the quaintness of the set.  I bought it at a flea market under a bridge in a small German town I can not spell where her son was living at the time. There is an extra set of chess pieces made in France that are very lovely and come with their own box.  I bought these later as they were so lovely and weighted so nicely. You tell me what you think this lovely set is worth and I will post the price later. ( you can click on the picture for a larger view, actually many of my pictures have this capability).

I hope you find this page fun and exciting.  The board has two drawers underneath for the pieces.  Any ideas of value.  I will share with you what I paid at a later date.

As to what else is going on.  I am sick with a summer cold.  Don’t you just love it when it is 100 degrees outside and you are coughing your guts up.  Actually turning my lungs inside out.  I feel like crap but wanted to drop you all a line as it has been a while.

My thought for today is about ” where we end up in life.”  How spread out some families are, and where they find themselves.  Are you close to home and around your family?  What motivated you to move away?  What was the drawing point, and what would have happened if you hadn’t followed that thread through your life?  Do you ever think like that?  I do sometimes.  Just like my sister, she is living up north in Canada with no family close.  Her children and grandchildren all live in Germany, and now she is retired and trying to make ends meet.

As to me.  I moved a thousand miles away to be with a friend and never went home.  Three husbands later, and three children later, and nine grandchildren later, I am working and living in a place that I love but am nowhere near where I grew up nor close to family.

look at all those threads.

What do I think of all this?  My firm belief is I am right where I am suppose to be.  Do you believe that?   I look at my life and all the threads I followed, kind of like a spider on a web, and find myself at this end wondering what would it be like if I would have taken a different thread?

I wouldn’t trade in my children, not all of them, so I would say I would stay with the choices I made.  I like my life.  I am comfortable, and live a pretty good life.  The thing I find is that I always want ” more” but then feel guilty because I have already been blessed with so much.  Yes I consider myself blessed.  I have a home, money to pay my bills and waste on stuff I don’t really need, family who I know love me, and a good job for as long as I want it.  Everything else is just extra that I just want.  Not that I need.

Do you do that too?  Want for things that you don’t really need.?  Of course you do!  Part of our life is the rewards we give ourselves for working hard or whatever.  It is the prizes we hold dear, not necessarily the people that matter the most, unfortunately.

When I find myself buying a lottery ticket then really praying to win,  I beg Budda, God, and the Universe, and then feel guilty for being such a pig.  I already have so much….

Now I am not against having a little extra.  I definitely have that.  And I am hoping to pass some of it onto you.  But we do need to remember to love and appreciate the things we already have.  As the saying goes ” count your blessings”  even when you think there are none.  Sometimes it just comes down to the fact that you can walk, talk, go where you want, and do what you want.  I know that doesn’t sound like much but watch one of the international news stations and you will see what you have to feel blessed about.  There is much to be thankful for.

we have each other.

So take a look at my new page in the near future.  Some fun stuff coming your way.  Look at the treads in your life.  The tapestry of who you are.  It is a fascinating piece of work.  And to end it all” “count your blessings.”  If you really don’t think you have any then send me a message and I will help you find some.  I know you have some somewhere.  And for today have a great day.  You deserve it….





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