I’m back!!!

Pets and grand kids are great.

Good Day to all of you!  Yes I am back.  I decided it was time to push through and get back to my writing.  I love to write, have lots of opinions, and like to share the whole lot with you.

What have I been doing for so long you might ask?  Probably not, but I will tell you anyway.  I have been depressed the last month or so, and have had no energy to do anything that I didn’t need to do, like go to work, take a bath.

What led to this depression you ask?  Maybe.  It was the depth of my injuries and the ongoing pain that I was enduring.  Really.

If you read my previous blog I mention I was hit by a speeding pit bull in the throws of happiness.  Running at full speed in his joy to be free he hit me and I crashed like the quarterback in the super bowl.

Are you okay?

I will say I am about 80% healed.  My knee still gives me pain, my ribs are still sore, my hip and back remind me that I am an old lady, but my mood is improving.  And that’s important.

Illness or disease can take us down.  When our bodies fail our mind can go along that route as well.  That’s what happened to me.  I had no energy, no joy, no happiness in my day to day exchanges with my family.  Oh I hid it well, but I sat like a lump on the chair when no one was around.

Our bodies are amazing when they are working at their peak.  When disease or injuries occur then the worse of the worse can happen.  I must say that hit by the dog was the worse of the worse as far as pain and mobility was concerned.

People at work just looked at me strange when I said I was hit by my son’s dog.  They had a look of disbelief in their eyes that I could be so injured.  May they never get run over by a speeding bullet called Hudson, or any other big burly monster.

This exercise can help you back.

What I did learn in sharing my horror story is that it is inbred in dogs like pit bulls to hit their prey and take them down, then the pack can attack and kill it. True.  With our love and making them part of our family they take us down in a playful mood, not really wishing to do us harm, but still intent on taking us down in their rough housing.  Look it up.

My daughter -in -law shared with me that Hudson had almost taken her dad out, my ex-husband, and her several times.  And after that discussion I realized that he had crashed into me on several other occasions with only minor results.  I thought it was playful taps, but now I think there was a hidden intent there.

Think about this if you have dogs around. Especially if you have children.  There are things inbred in dogs that we have not bred out.  If your dog or anyone’s dog you know plays body contact with you like Hudson does stop it right away.  Let them know that this is not acceptable.  NO playing tag. It can cause harm to someone.

I still love Hudson, he is a wonderful dog. But I still get the shivers when I walk by that field where he took me down and I remember the pain.  It was horrible.  Hudson has not been back to grammy’s, not yet, and when he comes I will carry a stick and let him know that there is to be no contact unless I am petting him, and he is sitting down.

Come and play, you”ll feel better.

So together we have learned another lesson.  Be careful around pets, understand them better, and keep them and you safe.  It is a great relationship filled with love and fun.  Don’t let them or you get hurt during play time. And as I always say, have a great day today, you deserve it!




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