I made it.


Well I bit the bullet and made the trip without the help of a J C Penny’s mannequin.  I was so panicked about my sister that I couldn’t wait any longer. I just started packing, called my supervisor, and hit the road.

The drive was awful.  By that I mean the traffic and the trucks.  OMG there were times when the traffic on the interstate was at an actual stand still.  I kept waiting for a big pile up.  I hate driving anymore.

But, I made it in one piece after sleeping in my car overnight at a great all night store in Benton Harbor. It was cold but I was toasty warm in my blankets in the back.  I had my can of hornet spray and my medal rod in case anyone bothered me, but I was perfectly safe.  I hope the trip back goes just as good.

Did I catch your attention with the hornets spray.  It is a great thing for single ladies to have at home for safety.  A can of hornets spray will send it’s spray in a straight line at least 25 feet to knock out the nasty hornets.  It works great on nasty people that want to bother you.  I keep a can by the front door, and a can by my bedside.  Keep your car keys handy as well, and if you hear a stranger trying to get in your house set off the alarm and then stash your keys.  The noise will wake everyone in the neighborhood, and may just deter the creep trying to get in.

This suggestion came from one of  my fellow nurses one night while we were talking about scary things that can happen on the way to our car.  He said keep a can by your bedside so that if you hear someone breaking into your house or coming toward you with ill intentions you can shoot them in the face. It will not be pleasant for them and will stop them in their tracks.  The rod is to knock their block off if they then get too close.  Good ideas huh!


Well back to my trip.  My sister is on the road to recovery.  Thank you Jesus! When I first saw her I was sure she was going to die. She now admits that she thought she was going to die as well.  I had to lip read her reply. There were tubes everywhere including down her throat. The respirator hummed and moaned when I entered the room.  I was sure she wouldn’t make it. Then I was sure she would never get off the ventilator.  Then I was sure she would never go home.  But, the lord proved me wrong.  And, all the rest of us.

She is doing so well I can’t believe it.  Fifty percent of the people who go into a myxedema coma die.  Of those that survive another twenty five percent then die.  So, she is one of the twenty five percent that make it. We can’t believe it. In the last two days she has beat me 24 to 14 (games) of gin.  Last week she couldn’t talk or even write a word.  The world is a marvelous place.

I did ask her if she saw any angels while she was in lala land, she said nope. And she did not have any out of body experiences.  Darn.  We love those stories.

It is a horrible thing when someone has a medical crisis.  It shatters your feelings of control and reminds us how truly vulnerable our bodies are.  Really, she shouldn’t be here.

She is my last immediate family member.  It is a scary thing to come to this point in your life when people start leaving it.  I will say that she is a messy little pig.  In a loving sort of way.  I have spent hours and hours getting her home ready for her to return too although it won’t be for several weeks yet.  I on the other hand will be leaving at the end of this week. Now that I know she is going to make it I can return home to my job.  I am losing money as we speak.


I will admit that we all have our ” things.” The stuff we think we need. The stuff that we like to collect and hoard. What I have learned from this cleaning experience is that I am going home and get rid of a lot of my shit.  No one wants our junk but us. At least most of our stuff. I don’t want anyone to have to wade through my belongings.  I am going to organize my stuff, and get rid of the junk that I really don’t need.  There is a lot, trust me.

I feel sorry for the people who don’t have any family left.  I go to estate sales sometimes and it is hard for me to buy stuff because I know it is things that the person left behind.  Often estate sales are done by strangers who are paid to go through your stuff and sell it.  What a thought. I would be shamed if they saw my junk.

Anyway my sister is on the mend, her house is ready, and I will get to return home to my home very soon.  I will say that I have been blessed with a great daughter-in-law who jumped right in and has taken care of my house and my pets while I have been here doing the  same for my sister. And, my sister is blessed because she has several friends that are going to step in and help her collect her unemployment and get her bills paid.  It is important to devote time to collecting good friends, and being a good friend. That is more important then collecting things.

I won’t tell you of all the anguish that ran through my body as I watched my sister lay there with a machine controlling her life.  We sometimes are at the mercy of those who are trained to keep us well.  She has had a great team. I thank them truly.

So, what would be the moral of this story.  Form bonds now with people who will love and support you.  No matter what you think we all need those people in our life.  And don’t collect a bunch of shit.  It really isn’t worth it.  It means nothing when we are gone, and people will  hate to have to go through it all.

friends for life

Enjoy the day, the people in your life, and the blessings that are bestowed upon you on a daily basis.  I definitely am thankful for all the blessing that have come my way.

Oh, and have a great day.


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