Hail to the New Year!

Happy New Year.

Can you believe ? A new year, a new beginning for us all.  Hark to all the new year resolutions.  Mine included.

I first want to say thank you to anyone who has made the effort or taken the time to read my blog.  I really appreciate your interest. I must say no matter what, it is very cathartic for me to get the chance to ramble on.  It feels great.

If nothing else you should try it.  Self talk is good for the soul. I use it all the time.  As I’ve said before, thanks to cell phones, it lets us talk to ourselves without anyone being the wiser.  It is a great technique to use to solve your own problems.  Sometimes just hearing it out loud helps in finding the solution.

First, let me say I haven’t watched the news very often.  It is so disgusting.  So much bullshit.  How can Trump justify letting hundreds of thousands of people go without their paychecks for his cause?  I mean what a egomaniac.  I say stop it right now.  These dam leaders are suppose to be working for US.  They are suppose to have our welfare in mind.  They are suppose to be helping us, not fighting each other.

I mean come on already.  It is going into the third year of our president’s rein and all they do is fight.  Lies and cover ups.  They are all guilty.  How can we get our leaders to get back to leading this country and not slicing and dicing each other?   There must be a way to help the American people, not harm them.  Get with it you dam politicians!

I gotta get out of here.

As to what’s going on at the border.  It is horrendous.  I agree that no one should have to suffer the way many of those folks have suffered, but come on already.  Why are we not hearing how badly the Mexican government is treating these people?  Why haven’t they built shelters for them, given them medical care, money, food, offered them homes and jobs?  Why isn’t everyone outraged at what is happening on that side of the border?

Because everyone just wants to make us, and Trump look bad.  We didn’t ask those people to come here.  We didn’t tell then they would get admitted if they came.  We did not encourage their cross country trek.

I do feel bad for all of them, especially the children who have been dragged along on this journey.  If people on the other side of the border, as well as all the other people around the world were so concerned, why are these poor people still suffering.  The Mexican government should have stepped up and offered them food and shelter.  Why must we take on this burden?

Instead the world is focusing on us.  The democrats are focusing on their hatred of Trump and blaming him, but he is not to blame.  We have policies.  We have things in place to allow families from other countries to gain access to our country, but they must do it the right way. Standing at someone’s door does not mean you get to come in.

It is so sad that there are so many countries that treat their people so badly.  It is disgusting that leaders take the money intended for the people and build themselves castles.  It is mind blowing that many people of other countries do not have any rights such as we have in this country.  And that is the reason so many want entrance.  Understood.

You can have my toy.

Instead of the world standing there pointing their fingers at us, and demanding we take care of them why not start a world fund to help Mexico care and house these immigrants.  Instead of saying awful things about the US how about other countries taking them in and feeding and housing them.  I wonder how much ” WORLD” money has gone to care for these homeless multitudes trying to come into this country illegally. I ask you how many other countries have gone out of their way to provide for the border people thus far.

It is a crisis that should the bring the world together.  We should all help.  We should let the Red Cross assist these lost souls find comfort and security.  No one should be going without shelter or food.  Healthcare should be a service for all of them while this battle is waged.

Let’s stop pointing fingers.  Let’s admit that there is a crisis going on right at our doorstep and move forward to help those that need care.  We don’t have to make false promises but we should help those in need because we are a country of ” plenty.”  Surely the great minds of all the great nations can come together to solve this problem.

So for today I say think of others less fortunate then you, and me.  There should be no one who has to go to bed hungry or cold.  Give to your community if you are overwhelmed by the world problems, as I am overwhelmed.  There are food banks and homeless shelters in this country as well.  Help those in need right here in your own neighborhoods.  Then let it ripple out to others.  If you want to give to a good cause the Red Cross is one of the best.

And for today say a little prayer for those out there suffering, and offer a prayer of thanks for your own blessings as well.  And as I always say have a great day today, you deserve it.

lets stick together.



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