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California is trying to pass a bill that will add a third gender identification label for those who choose not to identify as being male or female.  What does this mean?  I am having a hard time understanding this.  As I see it you ARE a male or female at birth.  You either have a penis or vagina.  Statistically there are those that have both or parts of both, but, the majority of humans born are either one or the other.  Because of this your body, and mind goes through many changes as you mature and age specific to those sex organs.  You can not get away from the science of this.  But, how you want to present yourself to the world as to style and appearance is up for grabs.  The identity is there, you can not change that without surgically, and/or hormonally changing your body. Things have to be altered to change what sex organs you had at birth. The question seems to be about  “who I want to be.”

I understand the dilemna for those who ” feel” they are not who their sex organs identify. They struggle with wanting to be recognized as other then what was given to them at birth. Psychologically they battle their inner demons for control over who they want to be until they reach an age where they can present to the world their chosen identity.  The sex organs, male or female, are still present.  The presentation of that identity is what is altered.

In order to create life we need a male and a female to contribute to that special blend that makes a child.  There is no way around this.  We have to then identify the male and female parts. Many, many species have male and female contributors to the creation of offspring for the continuance of their species. Humans are no different.  There are how many different species of frogs but, their reproductive process is relatively the same.  For humans our reproductive process is one female egg and one male sperm must meet, mate, and create.  No one cares how they are dressed.

” beauty is everywhere”

I know that my ideas are old fashioned and outdated.  The same thing happened to my mother and my grandmother.  They looked at the youth in my society and didn’t understand them either.  They looked at life through a different kaleidoscope.  That’s probably why we age and die, so that the young can change the world, as it should, along the evolutionary path of mankind. But, I don’t want to see a world like some syfy movie where everyone wears bland colored robes, or even brightly colored robes, bald heads, and names like Breeze, and Frog to eliminate the maleness or femaleness of a child.  What is wrong with being either sex. It is who we are until that person decides to alter it in some way for whatever reason.  Why do we need a new label. Why not just get rid of the gender question all together on all forms. We shouldn’t need to add race, age or gender to any job application, government paper, or required document out there. A valid identification with our name and picture says it all. We don’t need to add anything else to that piece of paper. That would be the correct step. Not creating another label for people.

A big step for all of us is to realize that though we are alike, we are each very unique in what makes us who we are right now.  We are so much more then just the physical bits and pieces.  If we worked as hard to make the inner person shine through as we do the outer person, the world would be a better place.  As my favorite song says ” we are the children.” All of us, and we can make this world a better place.  For you and for me.  So, for today have a great day, you deserve it, and be kind to each other no matter the outer appearance. It’s the inner child that matters.

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