you’re giving me a headache

Well for the last three weeks I have been on a frenzy.  Let me say first that I am a great idea person.  I come up with these great ideas for off the wall things and then turn into the tasmanian devil. I run here and there trying to create or make my idea happen. Unfortunately after days of flying around like crazy I often find that my ideas have already been created. It is exhilarating when the idea strikes,  but it wears me out, and breaks my heart when I learn my great idea has already been done, or no one wants to go with the flow like me.

So, bam, just that thing happened.  I decided it would be great to open a shop, a consignment type of shop with a little tea shop,  as I have several friends who are crafty, in an arts and craft sort of way, who create beautiful treasures.  Me, I can’t sew, or draw.  I can copy, but who can’t do that. Of course I went on a frenzy trying to make this happen and I almost had a stroke.

I got so caught up in my idea I barely slept.  I found a great location. I contacted every department in the state and county searching out the requirements for the shop. Licensing and the such. I talked to more people then I have in the last year.  And, I bought several pieces of furniture for my new shop spending several hundred dollars out of my own pocket right off the bat. Stupid huh!

Now, my artsy friends were excited about the idea but had no money to invest, so if this great idea was too happen it was all on me.  Let me say when reality set in it was terrible, but probably saved my life, and my little bit of savings.

did you talk to the food department

Almost everyone that I talked with was so helpful and informative.  I found a great spot, nice location, and this place had a great open floor plan.  I started out absolutely stupid in the realm of opening a business, but now I have a handle on how commercial land owners get their tenants to pay for THEIR property.  I consider the money I spent money as a lesson in the ins and outs of business, and life.  Thank God I figured it out before I spent anymore money.

The real estate agent was a youngster playing on his innocent looks to reel me in.  The property was under what they call a” Triple Net Lease agreement.” Many of my questions about the property were answered with ” I don’t know I will have to check with  the landlord. We can put that in the proposal.” This fellow works for a commercial company.  I came to realize that his answers were dodge balls, and that if he didn’t know the answers on the spot he shouldn’t be in real estate.  He wasn’t new to the business but had worked in the field for several years

I will admit that thankfully fear got the better of me.  After much research I learned that a Triple Net agreement means that basically all the tenants in that commercial spot pays all the bills for the land owner.  The tenants are responsible for their rent, their utilities, their insurances, their licenses, the landowners property tax, shopping mall insurance, a fee listed as CAM that covers certain expenses, maintenance of the HCVA system, and anything else that goes wrong with the place.  And, if the landowner wants to beautify the property, to improve the area, the tenants can be asked or made to pay for it.  Of course according to the agent everything is negotiable ( at $250 an hour with an attorney paid for by me).  No thank you.

One of the wonderful people I talked with filled me in on the fact that the landowner can add other fees at the end of the year and pass out what is called a reconciliation bill to the tenants to cover additional costs that have occurred over the last year.  Surprise!

don’t do it

Now I ask you would you sign such a thing.  Of course not, at least not unless you had buckets of money that you wanted to throw away.  And I don’t.  So, after weeks of talking to people. learning as much as I could about opening a shop, being on the cusp of said shop agreement, and being on cloud nine about my idea, I decided I would be a fool to go through with it and sent out an email to the realtor stating it was a NO go.

The hard part was telling my friends after I was so hyped up in the beginning and them loving the idea about our shop.  But, I have to think of myself and what could happen if I went through with this exciting plan. And that is, I could end up losing all that I have if bills started coming in that we did not foresee, and THEY WOULD.  We would have had to sell at least $4000 a month in stuff to even break even.

If my friends would have had money to invest then maybe we could of worked it out. But the whole thing was going to fall on me.  It was my idea, and I couldn’t risk it.  Now I am going to sit back and relax.  Continue letting the creative juices flow and maybe there will come an idea that I can really grab onto and make happen.

there is more to cling too.

You know I use to wonder what I was good at.  I questioned my value.  I mean, I wasn’t good at anything.  I couldn’t draw, sew, sing, play a musical instrument, bake, paint or anything. But, what I came to realize is that I do have great ideas, not just for unsuccessful business endeavors, but ideas that have been helpful over the years.  I have to say that is something, right!

What is it you are good at?  I am sure there is something.  Sometimes we have to look deep or it is revealed as the years pass. But, you have a special gift as well. Don’t let others make you feel bad about yourself  Each one of us is special in some way.  So, for today enjoy your special gift, or continue searching for it. It is there and you will find it. Oh, and on the way have a great day.



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