Free Food For All!!!

Messy, but lovely.

Dam, it seems all I do is clean.  There is only one of me, plus two pets, and my house is a dam mess all the time.  Every time I go in the kitchen there is dishes in the sink.  I think I’m eating too much!  And the dust, and the crap all over the floor.  Who put all this stuff there?

My ex use to blame the kids on all the mess.  I knew different.  It was him.  But now I see that it was me too.  I am so tired of cleaning.  I wish I had a house keeper like Ellen.  And someone to cook would be great.  The other day I did some yard work and could hardly walk back into the house.  Maybe I can borrow Ellen’s yard guy too.

Sadly that is what life is.  One big mess to clean up, yours and mine.  I know when my grand daughters are visiting it seems all I am doing is fixing food for them.  We go from breakfast, to snack, to lunch, to snack, to dinner, to snack, and snacks at bedtime.  It is never ending.  I bet all these parents are going crazy with all the food these little rugrats need to eat now that they are all at home.  God I couldn’t stand it.

No really that is a problem that some of these folks who have so much to give could help out with.  How about paying for pizza?  I mean they could pay for lots of pizza, three or five to a family and all the families would need to do is go pick them up.  The workers could just stand at the door and give away pizzas. It would help the kids, and help out the business, and relieve many parental headaches.

A cookout is fun, and makes for tasty hot dogs.

We could do the same with other food places as well.  Ice cream joints. Someone could pay for the meals, and the families that want them could just drive by and pick it up.  This would be sticking with the 6 foot rule,and help those poor parents who are trapped at home with a feeding machine.

Something as simple as food.  Meals on wheels.  Yours and mine could help relieve someone’s burden somewhere.  I mean I get sick of cooking just for myself all the time.  There are days I wait as long as possible to eat because it seems I am hungry all the time.

This is a trying time for all.  I am bored, my family is bored, and we are lonesome as well.  What I have started doing is sending packages to my grand daughters, through Amazon of course.  Little games, books, puzzles that they can play with.  It is fun getting something in the mail and it gives them something to look forward too.

Instead of putting money into some fund that goes where for who knows what, why not buy a toy store and send out gifts to all the kids in your town.  What a great idea!  And what fun it would be.  We can go outside so how about some scooters, the kick foot kind, and helmets for safety.  They have adults ones and kid ones. So send out both.

Let them eat cake. Don’t forget bakeries, Send out lots of treats.

See what I mean rich people.  There are ways to help all of us get through this terrible time.  But the most important thing while stuck at home is to not to take it out on each other.  None of us want what is happening right now.  We are all stuck.  The best we can do is try to relax.  Try to enjoy each others company, and find things to do, alone and together.

And forget the mess.  Just push it aside and go outside and get some fresh air.  Maybe when you come back in every one can pitch in and clean.  Right now we need to feel at ease.  Not too stressed.  Find a quiet spot under a tree somewhere if the sun is shining.  If not listen to a book on tape.  They are GREAT.  You could fix some popcorn, another snack, and find a comfy spot and just listen…And as I always say, have a great day today,  and enjoy the moment.

” the killing machine” I am out of shape and just got this back.


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