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Snake in the grass.

Okay I am going on another tangent so you better get a cup of coffee or something because it is going to be a long one.  It’s been a bit since I blogged but it’s not because there hasn’t been lots to write about, it’s more like there has been too much, and I am overwhelmed.

One of my burning issues is all this talk about abortions, and women’s right to do with their body exactly what they want to do with it.  That is such a sore topic for me.  I hate to hear anyone chanting that phase because honestly what the hell does that mean anyway?

” Do with your body what you want.?”  That’s what all the pushers and shovers are ranting.  ” Let me do with my body what I want.”  That’s what got you into that mess in the first place ( in most cases).

Never mind that you can get syphilis, it’s on the rise, herpes, which can also cause birth defects,  venereal warts which can cause cervical cancer and is running rampant, and let’s not forget that people can get venereal warts in their mouths, throat, vagina, penis, and anus.  Basically any place where the sun don’t shine.

Venereal warts can grow on the outside as well as on the inside like this fungus on the tree.

Let’s not forget chlamydia, which often has no symptoms, or are so vague that people don’t even realize they have it until they either have an abnormal pap test or in some cases a strange watery discharge.  Over a million new cases a year.

Oh, and let’s not forget the life giving gifts of HIV, and  hepatitis C, by life giving I mean you have it for life ( most of the cases anyway.) And lastly did I mention you can also create another human being in this  “do what you want with your body phase.”

Now I know we don’t want people telling us what we can and can’t do.  After all this is a free country, but I ask you what and why are they preaching this and why are they supporting it. I want to know of the millions of abortions done yearly, and I mean millions,  doesn’t the hammer hit you on the head in regard to the fact that someone somewhere is making VERY BIG BUCKS from all these abortions.  Do you think that money could possibly be influencing these supporters of women’s rights? Many someones! And maybe, just maybe, that is what drives them to preach for women’s rights to have unprotected intercourse, and then abortion, MONEY 

My impression of all the ranting that is being done is that people just want to have all the free sex they want and dam the consequences. After all ” it’s their body”and they can do with it what they want, even aborting another human being.

Talk with someone if it has happened to you.

Now I understand the trauma of incest and rape, believe I know, and I understand the fear of having a child who is deformed or will die at birth.  But, are these really the reasons that Millions of abortions occur yearly. Are these the reasons that women and their supporters are chanting ” it’s my body and I will do with it what I want.”  Of course not. The WHO organization reports 40 to 50 million abortions are performed yearly world wide.

Yes, I know that there are women all over the world who are abused and raped on a daily basis. Children and women who are held as sex slaves.  These are horrendous crimes against many who are so innocent.  That would be a great platform for someone. A great cause for everyone to band together to eliminate. But this is not the case for most women in the United States who are getting abortions.  This is not the reason that over 650,000 abortions occurred last year in the United States.

I am going to play the sexist card here, sorry but I am a women and I know what I know, and I want to ask the question ” when he is having his way with you, or you are having your way with him, do you ask each other who will pay for the abortion if and when you create another human being.  I mean it cost money to get rid of ” it” if ” it” happens.

I believe if you can have sex with someone and put yourself at risk for all the above mentioned outcomes then you should be able to ask who will pay for these outcomes when you are pleasuring each other.

What did she say?

You could ask ” are we going dutch” if something comes up or “am on the hook here myself.”  You could also ask up front ” Oh and by the way, if I decide to do with my body what I want, and what I want is a baby, will you support the baby as well, or is this just a free ride.”

I will say this once again, as I have said it before, most abortions are not because of incest or rape.  Most abortions are not because of birth defects, or the risk of killing the mother.  Most abortions are because it is just not convenient.  All they wanted was a little sex.  Not a newborn.

You can end up with a STD, sexually transmitted disease, from having unprotected intercourse, making love, having sex, whatever the hell you want to call it. And you can make a baby.  Those are the facts.  If you don’t believe me or you are really oblivious to these possibilities then look at the Center for Disease web site, here’s there location

There is a saying that when you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they had sex with because you don’t know what they are bringing into the relationship with you unless you’ve talked about it.  Have you talked about it?

Where have you been!

Sexually transmitted diseases and making babies goes hand in hand.  It is a risk when you have unprotected intercourse with anyone.  You are taking that risk every time.

Now some people whine, ” oh I can’t take birth control it makes me sick.”  ” He doesn’t like to use a condom, it doesn’t feel right.”  ” I wasn’t planning on having sex with him.”  But there are still ways to protect yourself.

If you got carried away there is the morning after pill.  And yes dam it, it is better then getting an abortion.  There is doushing, washing that sperm right out of there as quickly as possible.  There are spermicides that you can use as inserts before you have intercourse.  There are diaphrams.  And there is abstinence, heaven forbid.

My platform, which I hope will become yours is LET’S GIVE FREE BIRTH CONTROL TO EVERYONE WHO WANTS IT.  Let’s put free condoms in every doctors office, clinic, and hospital in our area. And, lets get back to talking about prevention.!!!

Let’s talk.

I have a hard time justifying the killing of an unborn baby.  We as individuals should not let it get to that point.  If we can f–k someone, we should be able to make sure we prevent all the possible negative outcomes from happening.

In reality that is not a reality. We are risk takers.  In that moment with another we just don’t care but we should.  We need to care.  We need to protect ourselves.  We need to not kill another.

I worked newborn nursery many years ago.  I worked with premature babies struggling to make it in this world.  They don’t need others hacking away at them, leaving them on a table to die.  We need to prevent their creation if we don’t want them.  We need to be responsible of the sex we have and with who we partner with in that moment of passion.

If you can’t even make sure they put a condom on it then maybe you should think twice about what you are doing with them.  Maybe you should ask if they are willing to give up a little of their pleasure to prevent you and them from supporting a newborn. Let’s be serious about not wanting to create a human being instead of thinking that you can just hack it away if it happens.


When my boys were growing up I talked to them about sex.  I talked to them about creating a baby.  I brought condoms home by the bagful.  And I told them that abortion was never an option.

I will share with you that both my sons got their girlfriends pregnant.  Yep, despite my open, descriptive discussions on intercourse and disease, plus all the free condoms they could want I still ended up with unexpected grandchildren thanks to their raging hormones.

But, when I look at my grandchildren and I think of all the wonderful adventures we’ve been on, all the laughter we have shared, and all the love they have given me, I am very proud of my sons and their wives for not aborting their babies.  For taking responsibility for what they let happen

I wrote a blog piece titled ” Philosophical Tangent on Abortion.”  Take a look at it, and ask yourself what would have happened to the “me of me” that was inside those cells that we now call Faith and Caleb if they had hacked away those cells. Where are ” we” in that whole bundle of cells growing and evolving?   Where does the” me”  go when we snuff out it’s existence?  Think about that.  And as I always say, have a great day today. You deserve it.

What a sweety!

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