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Did you say food?

Hello, I hope all is well with you.  It’s a lovely day today. Thank you lord. I just wanted to share with you this great food blog I came across.  It is wonderful and I am now in love with it.  Take a look at  her recipes, they look marvelous and are aimed at eating healthy.  I am going to try them all.  Not really, but at least a hundred. Here’s the web site:

I really like the look of her blog as well.  I wish I knew how to make mine look as lovely, but what you see is what you get for now.  Anyway back to eating healthy.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have given up on sweets, breads, chips, and all the other process shit that we love.  It is disgusting all the non food that is out there.  By non food I mean the things that really have no place inside of our stomach.

Every time you look at the internet they tell you something different about what’s good for you.  Eat nuts, don’t eat nuts, coffee is bad for you, nope it’s good for you.  Fruit is okay but don’t eat the fish because it has mercury in it, and the beef, boy could we talk about the beef.  Did you know that in order for egg producers to say their chickens are farm ranged they only have to keep the door to their coop ( warehouse) open five minutes a day. What the f–k? Is this a trick or something!  And, their bones are so brittle from eating the wrong foods that they couldn’t get out the door if they wanted too. How sick is that!!!

I have changed my eating habits so many times I am sure the damage is irreversible.  But that won’t keep me from following another trend. We humans are so foolish.  Right now I am eating sheets of very lovely deep green seaweed that taste like shit, my favorite word, but I know that the color and the taste tell me it is so good for me.

My latest trend is that I am combining David Zinczenko’s ” Zero Belly Diet”  and  Doctor Gundry’s   ” The Plant Paradox”  to make changes to my eating habits.  I can’t stick with just one, they both have great insight into what is making us all so fat.  I think a lot of what they both say we already know.  It is just a reminder to stop eating all that junk food along with the process stuff that has no place inside of our mouths anyway. Really.  If we knew how it was made we would probably vomit.

nuts or seeds?

Both of these authors have great insight, and site some good statistics, if you need that stuff to make you give up the garbage.  I for one need all the help I can get.  I will say that over the last two weeks I have lost 4 pounds, that is 16 sticks of butter, and three inches off of my waist.  I have a fat belly. But, I must be doing something right.

Both books do talk about eating healthy, getting rid of the bad fat, the bad meat, process foods, sugar, which I love, and if possible to go organic whenever you can as this will leave out a lot of the hormones and pesticides which WE DO NOT NEED  in our diet.

Of course here is the alert “ always see you health provider before making any changes to your diet” to assure that you can withstand the change.  But for me I feel great.  My worse enemy is the sweet department.  I am addicted, and when I eat it I feel terrible.  Of course I don’t mean when I eat a cookie, but who eats cookie.  I eat many cookies.  Then I go on to eat many chips.  Then I eat lots of bread.  And before you know it I am sick to death and can barely lift one leg in front of the other.  Not really, but I am awfully fatigued and crabby.

The folly part of this article is that even when we know that stuff is bad for us we still eat it, drink it, and smoke it.  There is this invincibility marker in our brains that lead us to think that nothing can harm us ( I made that up). Why else would we do the things to our bodies we know are bad for us. Because we are stupid that is why. We just don’t think it will happen to us.  But over time it will, and it does, so take heed.

I will say speaking from all of my sixty seven years that there is not a time when you don’t care, and don’t want to be a better you.  Never. When I go for my walks I cross paths with a little old ninety four year old who walks everyday.

know what you are eating.

For those of you who are young, save yourself some heartbreak and educate yourself on healthy eating.  The food companies don’t care what they do to us.  The FDA has pitiful guidelines for the manufactures of these products and very little ability to make sure they are even following their meager requirements.  Be in the know.  Read.  Look up what  it means when they use all their fancy terms such as organic, farm ranged, pasture fed, and on and on we go.  As I said I am eating seaweed right now. I hope later on down the road they don’t say it to is full of mercury. Have you seen the pictures of the five mile long island of trash floating in our ocean.

So for today get outside and walk.  The sun is so good for us.  Breath in some fresh air, if there isn’t any pollution around, and eat a healthy snack.  Every little thing you do counts.  Everything. And for today have a GREAT day.

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