DACA, Politics, Taxes, and Influenza!

We’re listening

What to say, what to say?  I have quit watching the news for the last couple of weeks as it has gotten too much for me.  I never knew that politicians were such cry babies.  What exactly is their job?  Could someone send me a job description for all these folks in Washington.  I want to know exactly what my tax dollars are paying for.  I know we are not paying for them to sling hash, or are we?

Let’s start with the  holidays.  I am glad they are over, I am always glad when they are over and I can get back to living a normal life.  No more shopping or charging up my cards.  Bad habit I know.  And the family love.  I just don’t feel it at that time of year.  It’s like I go into freeze mode.  I am sure a therapist would say it goes back to my childhood.  I am sure it does too because we were always very poor, and I remember one Christmas my dad left to go begging downtown because we had no money for gifts, no tree.  True story.  He left the house crying.  I think he came back with a couple of dolls.  The important part was that he cared so much he was willing to humiliate himself by begging in the streets of downtown Detroit during one of the biggest FAMILY times.

Politics is big in the news.  Actually not politics so much as slinging shit.  I can not believe all this is still going on.  I think it is time to stop all the bull and get busy running our government.  I think they have had enough meetings, billed the American people enough  overtime for this crap, and avoided all the necessary steps to getting things done.

I love this country.

I mean what is wrong with these people.  They work for US.  We pay their wages.  We elected them or tried not too, and now they are letting us down big time.   The only one that seems to be getting anything done is Trump.  He is plowing through the shit all the while slinging his brand of hash as well.  Can’t you all act like the respected people we once thought you to be.  Now we see you for who you are and it isn’t pretty.  You are a bunch of very UGLY people.  I mean inside and out.  Where is you heart for this country?  How are you meeting your pledges to the people.  Not by filling up a rag magazine with dirt.  Have some pride for God sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s talk DACA.  If you read one of my earlier tangents, it went on for pages. I say let them apply for citizenship just like anyone else who wants to be in this country as a citizen.  There is a process.  A fee.  But, with the help of some legal  program I am sure they could get it done.  I was born in Canada, my parents were American born.  I had to go through the process and pay the fee at the ripe old age of 56.  It took some time, but I am proud that I did it, and I am sure they will be too.  Forget sending them back to a place they do not belong.  Give them the forms, and a deadline for completion, and let the dice fall.

Taxes are something we are all thinking about this time of year.  At least anyone who has to pay them, or may be one of the lucky ones who will get money back.  For me I pay so I wait until April.  No hurry to give the government money.  I give it all year, and still have to give more.  I have to keep all those free programs running you know.

” what wash my hands?”

There’s lots more but I will close with talk about the flu.  It is horrid this year.  It is running rapid all over this country.  Some facts I learned after I had the flu two years ago ending  with me losing my sense of smell and taste so that everything smells burnt, was how dangerous that can be.  I don’t know if I am smelling something burning or just picking up the smell floating in the air.  And, I can barely taste anything.  Only sweet or salty which is so boring because I keep searching for the TASTE.

Anyway, the first thing I learned is YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FLU SHOT.  I didn’t two years ago and thought I was dying.  The incubation period is TWO TO FOUR DAYS.  That’s right TWO TO FOUR DAYS from exposure to disease.  That is why it spreads so quickly.  The other thing I never realized is that people that are dying from the flu are actually dying from their bodies reaction to the virus.  Not that the virus is flooding their system and over taking everything.  Which is what I thought.  It is their bodies response to the virus which can cause organ failure and death as it fights the infection.  This I never realized.

So, the best  thing is to try not to get it.  Good hand washing.  Covering your mouth when you cough, with a part of your arm, or shoulder, not your hand.  And STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK.  Remember the two to four day period.  Give your co-workers and friends a break.  Stay home if you are sick.  Usually the flu hits quickly and hard.  High fever, and a terrible cough are the first two things that happened to me.  I mean I thought my lungs were going to turn inside out with the power of my cough.  And the fever was very high.

Hang in there.

The sad thing is when you are sick you have to take care of you.  Don’t huddle under the blankets, drink plenty of water, juice, or tea, no caffeine though.  CHECK your temperature.  Don’t just think or say you have a fever.  Know your numbers.  Try to nourish you body with light foods, shower if you are too hot.  Call a health care provider or go into one of those immediate care clinics.  Everyone can get seen nowadays.

The flu can be a serious disease.  We don’t know who will fall prey to it’s side effects so the best defense is offense.  I am sure I stole that line from someone.  All I can say is take care of you.  Educate the small ones so they know about washing their hands.  The schools are doing a good job.  Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse, car or on the table, and use it.  Do you know there was a study done about the dirtiest place in a restaurant and the DIRTIEST place in a restaurant is the seats.  That’s right, the seats, which we all touch when we sit down.  So wash up before eating.  And stay healthy.  We can make it through together.  Oh, and to keep your sanity in place while you are recovering, don’t watch the news.  Watch something light and funny.  You can go back to the horror stories after you are well.  And as I always say have a great day today, you deserve it.

there’s always a ray of sunshine





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