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I watched ” One America News” the other night as per my usual, and they were interviewing the guy from Charlotteville, Jason Kessler.  At first I was impressed with some of what he said.  I do believe that ” everyone” should have free speech.  Not just those that I agree with.  It helps me know my opinions are correct.  What bothered me was when he talked about this nations white population, his definition of ” white ” people. He seems to think that they are a class all their own, but we are not.  We are Irish, Scottish, English, Finish, Swedish, German, Scandinavian, Polish, Belgium,and every other nation that has light skin. We may come across as being the same color but, our beliefs and cultures may differ. He seems to lump us all under one umbrella called “white.”

I am proud of my Irish culture, I wear green on Saint Patrick”s day, I love reading and hearing about the Scottish people of olden days, as I am part Scottish.  I think I have a little English in me, haven’t done the Ancestry thing, so I love hearing about England.  But, my passion, the definition that I use first is that I AM AMERICAN. 

The same is true of other people of color.  Our ancestors may have come from many different nations, but they came here to be free.  They came here to have a place for their family, to raise their children.  To call their HOME,   They came from many countries and have many beliefs and cultures too.   They too are not just one thing.  That is the great thing about this country.  America wasn’t founded on  being ” white” it was founded on the idea that people that came here wanted to assure their rights to be a people together as Americans, not British or some other nation.  We are ONE PEOPLE, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.   It doesn’t say ” white ” people. Martin Luther King said ” We may have come here on different ships but, we are all in the same boat now.”  So true!

” home of the free.”

I am under the impression that we might want to be wary of this guy as he is leaning toward the ideas that are similar to what Hitler preached. That there is a mightier white race when really there is just a mightier American. I don’t think we should band together because we are ” white” but because we are Americans and want this country to be great again.

We are letting the wrong people influence our ideals and thoughts, heading toward hatred of each other for the wrongs that none of us can change.  We need to remember what brought our families here, and what made them stay. I know some of my ancestors were brought here as indentured slaves to work out a crime that they probably didn’t commit. But when they were free they chose to stay here because this great country still had things to offer.  The same is true today.

There are many people coming together to help the victims of hurricane Harvey who are not asking  “where is the white section, where is the black section”  they are helping each other.  We must take this to heart.  We must come together to help each other, not just in a time of tragedy, but because we all need a helping hand.

Do you remember the song ” We are the World”  here is a link,   it says it all. Listen to it a few times and remember that we need to come together because we don’t want a divided nation.  We want one that is for all people.

Say a prayer for those in Texas and all the great people out there helping.

We are Americans first.

They are all heroes in my book.  And for today have a great day, be thankful, and count ” your blessings.”

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