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Jingle Bells, bah humbug!

Jingle bells, bah humbug.  Sorry it has been a while since my last post.  After all that rambling about breast cancer I sort of petered out. Ugh, I hate that term petered out!  What does that even mean?  It is … Continue reading

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Dogs Off Leash!!

Oh the glorious days of summer are upon us. Everyone craving to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer foliage and fresh air. Dig in the dirt.  Plant new things.  We all love it and the Shunga trail is a … Continue reading

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I made it.

Well I bit the bullet and made the trip without the help of a J C Penny’s mannequin.  I was so panicked about my sister that I couldn’t wait any longer. I just started packing, called my supervisor, and hit … Continue reading

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It’ embarrassing!

It’s so embarrassing to be so stuck.  Every single day I think, no, want to devour something sweet.  I even thought of just having something, and then just lying about it to you, and everyone. But who would I be kidding, … Continue reading

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Hopping along.

The burst of red is what caught my eye. This beautiful cardinal, the male, was skimming across my yard almost touching the grass. I thought “oh what a beautiful bird” then I saw something hopping in front of it. With … Continue reading

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