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DACA: What does it mean?

What exactly is DACA?  I actually mean it metaphorically.  We all know what DACA stands for, it has been on the news everyday for weeks.  If you look at this government website you will get all the information you need, … Continue reading

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Racism and Genetics

When I started this blog it was not about taking a stand on anything, it was to share with you some fun thoughts and pictures. But, with what is going on, and the things we are seeing in the news, … Continue reading

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Right to Health Care!!!!

Bullshit…That’s right. I say bullshit.  These politicans are at it again.  We have always had the right to healthcare.  Always.  No one ever took that away. It’s called PICK AND PAY. You find a company that has what you want and … Continue reading

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I watched ” One America News” the other night as per my usual, and they were interviewing the guy from Charlotteville, Jason Kessler.  At first I was impressed with some of what he said.  I do believe that ” everyone” … Continue reading

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Something New!

Let’s talk about something new.  Not really because I am sick to death of all the crap in the news. I wasn’t much of a watcher in the past, and now that I am, I am sick to death with … Continue reading

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