Capt. Mini-Aide Super Hero Wishes You Good Health


In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned that I am a great idea person.  I am.  I have come up with many ideas over the years.  Some good, some not so good, but when the creative juices start flowing I usually can’t stop until I have completed my project or I find out that someone already has created what I thought ” was my idea.”

It is an energizing thrill to create.  I once thought that I had absolutely no talent, but later came to realize that I have a great mind.  It has helped me feel good about myself over the years.  Something we all need to feel.

Well, “Capt. Mini-Aide Super Hero Wishes You Good Health” is one of those great ideas. The idea actually came to me in the eighties, sat there for years after it was completed, then my boss asked about it, and we did it up under a different title for several years.

You see I worked in student health and in the eighties the internet was not such a mad thing.  You didn’t just go there to look stuff up.  Most of us didn’t have computers back then.

Working as a nurse after hours we would get a ton of calls from students and their upper class men asking what to do for this minor illness or injury. We had reams of paper handouts we would give out to the students knowing that most ended up in the trash or were never handy when they were really needed. Sometimes I was struck dumb by how little the students knew about taking care of their health, and that was my ” Ah Ha!” moment.

I decided to put all the information that we usually gave out over the phone or in paper form into a booklet for the students.  Some of the shared information is as simple as never putting any creams or salves on a burn until it has been evaluated, as that cream or salve will have to come off to be viewed.  Also never use heat on a ankle sprain or the swelling will be horrendous. Ice is always best in the beginning,  but not directly on the skin. And that is how  Capt. Mini-Aide became the idea, and since everyone was into super heroes, a super hero became the main cartoon character, and the booklet was created.  To this day I am still proud of this booklet.

Capt Mini-Aide is a basic first aide guide of what to do in the first few hours of being ill or injured.  What we do in the beginning decides how well we will heal in the end.  It is not a replacement for when you should seek medical care, but it does give you things to do in the first few hours.  I must admit that I have always wanted to share this with the world,but never had the courage.  Now I am going for it.

This is a great gift idea for students and young adults to have at their fingertips. Even for some adults as well. Unfortunately some of our old outdated first aide ideas are still out there.  I still see people insist on putting butter on a burn when what you really need is some cold water.

So if you would like one of your very own, or two, or even three of the “Capt. Mini-Aide Wishes You Good Health” booklets just use the button at the bottom of this page.  Each booklet is $2.00 I want to apologize in advance as there are several typos in the booklet that was missed by the editor and myself until after the printing. But, at $2.00 I hope you will still find it a bargain.   And for today have a great day.

I have added a paypal button for you to make a purchase.  You can buy one or all three of my products from within my blog.  I am excited to be able to offer this to you.  My email has changed and is actually  should you need to contact me. Again, have a great day.  AS OF TODAY 7/6/18 ALL PROFITS WILL GO TO ST JUDE HOSPITAL as my way in helping the children.